Is it March Already??

It’s just simply hard to believe that March is just a few days away.  Since the 1st of January, it’s been just a blur!  At least the weather wasn’t a ‘brrrrrr’.


In mid- January, I spent a week with Sarah Christiansen assisting with training staff at LifeScape Adult Services in Sioux Falls, SD.  (She was there for a 2 week run!)   LifeScape has been a long time Therap User for their children’s services.  They recently made the decision to begin using Therap in their adult services division, which meant there were many more staff to train.

The LifeScape team made us feel right at home.  They were wonderful hosts.  The IT guy even helped us tear down and pack the computers.

Thank for the dedicated internet access, the classroom…. and we really liked your Smartboard.


New Logo with TaglineThe following week I spent a day with Jeff Nichols, CEO at Opportunity Village in Clear Lake, IA, a long time Therap user.  We visited about use, different modules and solutions for the agency.  The fun stuff started when I was sent a link to a demo version of the new Business Intelligence for Demographics & GER’s.  This was the first time I had even touched the module.  Mr. Nichols and I explored and learned together.  Needless to say, we were both impressed.

Jeff was quick to point out how much time Opp Village could save with the GER Dashboard over the hours spent each month currently analysing GER data for monthly safety committee meetings.   The BI GER Dashboard could produce the analysis in minutes.   

Thank you, Jeff, for spending a very productive day with me.



The Therap “Jeff’s” at the 2017 Nat’l Conference.

On the following Sunday, I flew to New Jersey to attend the 2017 Therap National Conference.  More than 500 people attended from 35 states.  Every time I go to the Nat’l Conference I am just immersed into Therap for 3 solid days.   If you have not attended a Nat’l, you really need to go.  The exchange of information and learning is well worth the trip.

For those of you in IA, MN, NE, SD… you’ll be able to drive to the 2018 Therap Nat’l Conference.  It’s being held in Omaha!!

Mark you calendars:  Jan 30th through Feb 1st, 2018.  The Embassy Suites / LaVista Conference Center in “West O”.


On a personal note… Upon return from the Nat’l Conference, I had just a few days to wrap up some business and pack for a vacation.   Over the past 3Jeff and Anegada sunset. years I planned to take a vacation, but for health reasons in 2 of those years, it just wasn’t in the cards.   So… this was the year.

My crew and I chartered a sailboat and ‘cruised’ the British Virgin Islands.   The scenery was outstanding.  The food was great.  There was plenty of fun to be had…. but, to sail you must have wind.  The wind Gods took a break midway through our time and we ended up stay on Anegada a bit longer that we had planned…. darn.

Well, I am back at it.  The suntan…er….sunburn is fading, my feet are finally accepting socks and I cut off my dreads.

If you need assistance or have any questions, Therap or otherwise, feel free to reach out.



Calvin in Des Moines with Candeo


Calvin assisting Candeo staff.

Calvin Christensen has been busy providing training to the staff at Candeo in Johnston, IA (Des Moines).  I have been ‘riding shotgun’ to provide additional support, should the need arise.   When finished on the 18th, Calvin will have provided 22 training sessions on Candeo’s initial modules.

Candeo moved up their GO LIVE date to 12/21 to better align with the end of the training sessions.  Everyone is excited to begin collecting data on Therap this coming Monday.   Staff have told us they believe Therap is easier than the platform they are leaving.  Out with the old and in with the new! 

This has been a great experience for both Calvin and me.  It is clear that a tremendous amount of time and preparation has been made by Candeo for this launch.  They had the smallest of details covered to ensure staff had the tools and information they need, not only for the actual training sessions, but also after the launch.


To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:

Follow Candeo on Facebook.

Candeo’s Pod SE Takes Trophy!

Candeo’s Pod SE had ISP Programs for 199 individuals to enter into their new Therap CANDEO-IA 2account.  That’s a tall order to complete in 4 weeks and attend to the daily tasks that do not stop and cannot be set aside.

Well, Pod SE accepted the challenge and migrated all of the programs for their population ahead of schedule and have been awarded Candeo’s  Therap Trophy for week 4.  Congrats and outstanding work!!

Nancy S. Baldus, Candeo’s Director of Quality Enhancement, adds, “Congratulations to Candeo!  As of last Thursday we are at 100% of ISP (programs) entered!  That is 5 days ahead of schedule for our 323 clients!

Staff Training begins on December 7th.  GO LIVE is January 1st.


To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:

Follow Candeo on Facebook.




Candeo’s Pod Babs has the Therap Trophy

It’CANDEO-IA 2s week 3 of Candeo’s ISP Program migration competition.  This week, Pod Babs has attained 100% of their assigned program entry goal.  The agency is well on it’s way to being ready for staff training (starting December 7th) and “GO LIVE!” (1/1/16).

ISP Program migration is not an easy task.  Candeo needed to review their current format, map the information to the Therap format, determine scoring methodologies, generate some ‘test’ programs to prove their theories… then, train the team and begin the process of migration.  For an agency of this size and their compressed timeline… WOW!  Impressive!!

Pod Babs – Great job and way to go!  Enjoy that trophy!!

Please read about the week 1 and week 2 winners here.

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:

Follow Candeo on Facebook.




Candeo’s Pod Hodge Podge Earns Honors!

Last week I blogged about Candeo’s Data Entry Traveling Trophy.  If you missed the blog, here’s the high level overview…CANDEO-IA 2

Each service coordinator team (which Candeo references as a “pod”) has a weekly goal for ISP Program migration (from their former platform to Therap).  When all pods reach their mark, they will be fully prepared for staff training starting on December 7th.

This week, the Pod Hodge Podge has won the honor and possession of the  Candeo Therap Trophy.  They have migrated 100% of their ISP Programs.  I am told this is far ahead of the target!  Congrats to Hodge Podge.  Great Job!!

Stay tuned to see which Pod earns the trophy next week.

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:

Follow Candeo on Facebook.

Candeo’s Data Entry Traveling Trophy


The Traveling Therap Trophy.

Candeo, a new Therap User Agency in Johnston, Iowa,  is in the throes of implementing Therap.   They selected Therap to be prepared for advent of Managed Care, which coming to Iowa in 2016.  With the goal of having their new process launched on January 1st, the agency began implementation in early August of 2015.

Presently, sites, programs, individuals, enrollments and staff have been entered.  Candeo reports they are ahead of schedule and moving foward with Staff Scheduling Master Schedule builds and ready to really dig into Billing Plus functionality.  They have been “rockin’ it”!!

With the “GO LIVE” date approaching fast, they are busy entering ISP Programs for data collection.  To keep the process fun (and slightly competitive), they have introduced a “traveling trophy” to mark progress.

Each service coordinator team (which Candeo references as a “pod”) has a weekly goal for ISP Program migration (from their former platform to Therap).  When all pods reach their mark, they will be fully prepared for staff training starting on December 7th.

This week, the Pod Lamb Chop has won the honor and possession of the  Candeo Therap Trophy!

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:

Follow Candeo on Facebook.


The Minnesota Conference… WOW!

IMG_0812Another Minnesota Therap Conference has come and gone.  It was the first conference I had a hand in organizing at the local level.  Given my predisposition to over think everything, I had a few sleepless nights prior to the event.  But, when all was said and done… this was a great meeting!

What made it great was the active participation of our attendees.  New users, tenured users and non-users made up the 112 participants and ALL were engaged.

This level of discourse is what makes these conferences worthwhile.  It was (and is) clear that the Therap community in Minnesota is not afraid to ask the tough questions of Therap staff and/or each other.  It was a tremendous learning experience.

I was pleasantly surprised at the unsolicited comments I received via email.  Here are just a few…

  • “Thanks Jeff.  We found the Conference very helpful and informative.”   – Matt Sharp, Living Well.
  • “Thank you for the best conference EVER!!!! ” – Leanne Negley, Rural Living Environments.
  • “Thank you.  It was a great session!!”  – Bethany McCabe, Cardinal of Minnesota.

Well… I appreciate the kudos, but this was a team effort and, more importantly, without our Therap user community, none of this would have been possible.

From our team to you…


Therap Team from left to right: Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Jeff Mau, Sarah Christensen, Calvin Christensen, Dawn Gilder.

thanks to all who participated in the Therap Minnesota Regional Conference!

Training at EP!C in Peoria

Calvin, Chris and I are here at EP!C in Peoria, Illinois training their awesome staff . EP!C’s go live date is scheduled for Monday, 4-14-14 and they are starting with T-Logs, GERs and SComms. This was my first opportunity to work with Calvin and he is a fantastic trainer. We hope to see you soon! Here are a couple of photos from our 7am session. To learn more about EP!C, click here

Calvin is getting ready for a busy day of training!

Our first session of the day!

Michelle :)

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Have You Signed up For the National Conference Yet???

Have you signed up for the Therap National Conference that is scheduled for January 28th-30th in Kansas City? If not, now is the time! We will have sessions for new and advanced users, nurses and billing folks, state related sessions and lots more! For additional information on this awesome event, click here.

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Training at KCCDD!

Today began a 2 day training with the wonderful staff at KCCDD! They are starting with T-Logs, GERs, S-Comm and Attendance tracking. We are very excited to have them on board! Mark, the awesome Executive Director, is getting some Therap t-shirts and I hope to share a picture about that soon! Here are some other pictures from our early morning session:


Chris is engaging our users with all of his Therap knowledge!

Training at KCCDD

Getting past the initial login screen!

Training at KCCDD

Learning all of the benefits of Therap!

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