Welcome KCCDD!

I am pleased to announce that KCCDD, located in Galesburg, Illinois is our newest Therap customer! This agency specializes in day services and employment supports. The team is highly motivated and is ready to embrace the paperless philosophy. Kudos to Mark and the entire KCCDD team! We are so happy you are on board! To learn more about KCCDD, click here.

Michelle :)

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Training at St. Coletta of Wisconsin!

St. Coletta of Wisconsin is set to go live with Therap in a few short days, so I spent some time over the past couple of weeks visiting with their staff in Wisconsin and Illinois to make sure they had a initial modules ready to go! Bob Schmidt, St. Coletta employee and Therap guru, did a great job of covering all programs starting with Therap and assuring that trainings were running smoothly. Here is a picture of one of our sessions:

It was great fun for all during our training sessions!

To learn more about St. Coletta of Wisconsin, please visit their website by clicking here.

Michelle :)

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Family Weekend at St. Coletta of Wisconsin!

What a great agency! St. Coletta of Wisconsin is located in Jefferson, Wisconsin. They started with Therap Services just recently and are already doing wonderful things! One example of this is their family weekend that occurred last weekend. Bob Schmidt, the lead for implementing Therap at St. Coletta, put a great Therap overview together to inform families about what Therap is and how it is going to benefit their loved ones. Here is a photo of what Bob put together:

What a nice way to communicate about the use of Therap during Family Weekend!

I can’t wait to see the other creative things this agency and all of our agencies will do to include family members.

Michelle :)

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Welcome Arrow Consultation Services!

Welcome to Arrow Consultation Services, based out of Carmel, Indiana. They went live yesterday with Therap! We are excited to have Elizabeth and her team on board to experience, firsthand, the benefits of an electronic documentation and communication system. This is also a huge benefit for the agency, as they are located in different parts of the state, so all of their data can be managed remotely. It is an exciting day for these folks. I look forward to hearing more from Arrow and other agencies that are reaping the benefits of Therap! Great job!!!

Michelle :)

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Training at Gateway Services!

Jordan and I are here on a snowy day training some awesome employees at Gateway Services! Gateway Services is located in Princeton, Illinois. We will be here through tomorrow afternoon to get these folks ready to go live on 3-1-13! To learn more about Gateway Services, please click here

Here are a few photos from day one of training:

Jordan is getting employees ready to use Therap!

Gateway staff learning the ropes of Therap!

Here was a pretty neat entrepreneurial opportunity that Gateway is exploring:

Check out this cool coffee machine!

Check out all of the types of drinks you can get!

We have a little snow here, so Jordan and I are going to skate back to the hotel and get a picture with the bellboy. Look for the picture tomorrow!

Michelle :)

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The National Conference is Right Around the Corner!

It is about that time! Make sure you get signed up for the Therap National Conference, January 29-31, in East Hanover, New Jersey. There will be many sessions available to the novice, intermediate and advanced Therap User. We have receptions scheduled, a trip into New York City and much more! Click here to get all of the information!

I cannot WAIT to see you there!

Michelle :)

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Surprises at the IARF Conference!

I had the pleasure of attending the IARF conference this week in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. It was a well attended conference with a few surprises:

We had a visit from Barack Obama at the Therap booth:

"Thanks for supporting Therap Services, Barack!"

We had jugglers and performers that showed up at the conference too!

This was an amazing performance!

All in all, it was a great conference. I was able to talk with many agencies in the state who are looking into Therap to meet their needs for documentation. If you are interested in learning more about IARF, click here.

Michelle :)

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Security Profiles!

With the next release (which is really soon!), Therap will be introducing the Security Profile feature for simplifying the activities of users with multiple responsibilities. They will be able to manage their responsibilities with greater ease by dedicating a Profile for each responsibility. They will be able to assign a set of privileges under each Profile that defines their responsibilities. Instead of their Dashboard/FirstPage reflecting all the tasks to be carried out for each of their different responsibilities under each module at the same time, it will now function depending on the privileges assigned under the particular Profile. Users having multiple profiles can switch to different Profiles and work on the set of tasks that comes with their responsibilities. They can easily view the actions which come under each responsibility and can carry out their tasks with greater efficiency. Users may have multiple Profiles each based on their Super Roles.
A step by step guide to using the Security Profile is on the Therap website, or you can click here. Can’t wait for this great feature!
Michelle :)

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