State Conferences in Nebraska are Coming Your Way

Therap team is coming to  Nebraska for a state conference. We have scheduled to host one of our state conferences in Lincoln, Nebraska on November 27, 2018, at The Lincoln Marriott Airport Cornhusker Hotel and the other in Kearney, Nebraska which is going to take place on November 29, 2018, at Younes Conference Center.

and to Users in the area are invited to join us to learn about the latest Therap updates including Electronic Visit Verification for upcoming Federal regulations and new Business Intelligence Dashboards for tracking health and billing data. The conference is going to be a day full of sessions by Therap experts and it will offer a chance to network with counterparts from across the State of Nebraska. Know how Therap is working with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and implementing state-wide solutions for improved and efficient services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Cornhusker State.

This conference will help the users to meet and troubleshoot, network, discuss state and regional issues, and clarify and learn about the latest Therap releases.

Join our regional conference to learn more!

The session will include:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level training
  • Therap Health Tracking Records
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Incident Reporting
  • Provider Administration
  • Integrated Billing
  • Electronic Visit Verification documentation for compliance with 21st Century CURES Act

Leah Sewel, Tracy Linko and Calvin Christensen will walk you through the modules in the conference.

Leah Sewel who is a Senior State Implementation Specialist, worked with Therap Services since 2012, starting out in a training role. Leah has worked in the Human Services field since 1999, providing comprehensive services to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnosis.

Tracy Linko who is a State Implementation Specialist, joined the Therap Services Team as a Billing Specialist in 2016. She assisted her previous agency in implementing Therap and was the Therap subject matter expert in addition to her duties as Finance Manager.

Calvin Christensen who is a Business Development Consultant in Therap joined Therap Services in 2014 and began working in the mental health and developmental disabilities field in 2010. Calvin worked for an agency in Nebraska who provided services to adults who were considered high risk.

Click here to register now!

*To learn more, please visit our Nebraska state page.

Minnesota Therap News: CSSP Custom Form / ISP Agenda / Billing Claims Mandate for Waiver Services

CSSP Custom Form in Therap being updated.

Matt Wahl from PKT shared the updated regs regarding the inclusion of technology questions in the CSSP form.  ARRM has published an example of the prefered verbiage.  I have made the request to have the form updated for this purpose, with the ARRM sample copy.

Deb Koop from LSS shared the updated reg from 245D.07.Subd.4. “Service outcomes and supports”.  These points are earmarked for inclusion in the CSSP as well.  If anyone has a sample of the questions or verbiage the state is suggesting for “Service Outcomes and Supports”, please send them to me. 

Updates as available.

Request for the 245D “Progress Review Summary” form to be added.

Matt Wahl also asked if it would be possible to add the Progress Review Summary form to Therap.  I have advanced this to our development team for review.  If this request is granted, I will advise.

MN Specific ISP Agenda Questions.

At the August MN Regional Conference, during the ISP Plan / Agenda session we discussed the possibility of enhancing the menu of questions in the agenda for MN needs.  With the user community’s assistance, I have a proposal into our developers to add questions for…

  • Admission
  • 30-Day
  • 45-Day
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual
  • Progress Review Summary
  • Other Meeting Type

…which also includes questions for the Final Rule Medicaid HCBS CMS 2249-F and CMS 2296-F.

Since this makes the menu quite long (62 options), I have also proposed the addition of a “guidance” section to help you make the proper selections per meeting type (e.g. Questions 11 through 25 are suggested by 245D for individual intake / admission / initial planning meetings).

We are keeping the developers busy!

Is your agency ready for the February 5th, 2018 billing change mandate?

On 2/5/18, the day-to-day billing submission mandate is effective for waiver services.  Batch claims without daily service line items will be denied by MN-ITs.   Per Barb Turner at ARRM, all other services have this requirement.  MN-ITs made the decision to bring waiver services into alignment earlier this year.

If you are using the Billing Plus moduleyou already know that Therap has been compliant with this upcoming mandate since the functionality was introduced in Minnesota.

If you still seek a solution, adding Billing Plus to your Therap system is very worthy of consideration.  Submit claims directly from your Therap service documentation or Attendance Data.  Therap & MN-ITs get along well!  

Contact me directly to schedule an informational webinar with Dawn Gilder, our Therap MN Billing Specialist.  Dawn can be reached at

And finally…

Our Data Driven Outcomes with Business Intelligence module answers the question of how to best Measure Your Organization’s Most Important Data.  Therap held a webinar for ANCOR in October on the topic.  It’s a great overview of DDO, click here to watch it.



Iowa Billing User Group Webinar – 2nd Opportunity to Learn!

WOW!    What a great turnout on Tuesday the 7th  for our Iowa Billing User Group Webinar.   Thank you for attending!

The webinar video is now available.  Use these links to view…

If you missed the 11/7 IA User Group Webinar to address the “Iowa Tiered Rates & Billing Changes in the Billing Plus Module” or wish to attend again, there is a 2nd opportunity to do so.

Next Thursday the 16th at 2:00pm local time, our Iowa Therap Billing Specialist, Heather Thornton will again provide an overview of how to adjust your Therap Service Authorizations in preparation for the change to the tiered rate structure.

The intent of this training is to get you prepared and review the steps to complete your Therap Service Authorization updates.

This is open to the entire Iowa Therap User Community.

Use the following link to register:

You do not need to be a Therap Billing Plus Module subscriber to attend!

Questions? Seeking more clarity? Desire a 1:1 session? Please ask! Heather can be reached at We want you to be ready.



Are you going to the Therap Nat’l Conference?
If not, you should!

Therap Nat’l Conference – Jan 30-Feb 1, 2018 – Omaha, NE

Therap Integrates with Illinois Department of Human Services Community Reporting System (ROCS) for Reporting Waiver Services

CHICAGO, Dec. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Therap is currently working in Illinois with community service providers to implement the new ROCS Billing option that allows providers to download ROCS’ Fee-for-Service Claim Files, generated on Therap, and Import these FFS Claims directly via FTP Upload to the Illinois Department of Human Services Community Reporting System (DHSCRS). Additional features help to track claims for which ROCS Reports have already been created in order to avoid generating ROCS Report for the same claims.

Illinois provider agencies currently use Therap to meet various documentations needs, including demographics, person-centered individual support plans, care plans and more. Therap’s Billing applications include the ability to collect the necessary information required for submitting billing to the ROCS system such as Funding Source and Service Description code. The new reporting option will further streamline the documentation of service delivery and claims process for providers implementing Therap’s billing software.

Therap’s billing applications automatically export claims in the ANSI X12 837 format. Billing features integrate with the service outcome/goal tracking documentation features to provide excellent audit trails. Billing data can be generated using case notes, attendance data, manual entry, or service outcome/goal tracking documentation with a number of reports and through all steps of the claiming process such as Billable, Submitted, Paid, Rejected, or Denied. Therap also provides codes that link service line items to an external accounting system and general ledger.

Therap’s electronic claim generation process meets the HIPAA Version 5010 standard for electronic claim transactions. Its billing applications allows for daily, weekly and monthly unit capture for billable services with rounding algorithms that calculate an array of time increments. Therap’s billable service tracking modules record services from the point of delivery. The attendance information of individuals receiving a specific type of service is recorded and used to generate billable 837 claims or specialized ROCS FFS Claim Files for Services may range from hourly to daily and are predefined for the individual receiving services.

About Therap

Therap Services provides secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to over 3000 intellectual and developmental disability providers across the United States.

Learn more at

SOURCE Therap Services

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Therap in Iowa – MCO’s & Billing Functionality Update 2.9.2016

Greetings Iowa Therap User Community!

As we wait for CMS to rule as to whether or not the Iowa Medicaid Modernization initiative is a “GO” for March 1st, Heather Thornton, Therap Billing Specialist, has askedMedicaid-Managed-Care-Square that I share the following regarding agency preparation…

In order to process claims via Therap for the Iowa MCO’s, clearinghouse enrollment is required. Therefore, if Iowa providers using Therap’s Billing Plus module want to send me their NPI, EIN and address information for enrollment into the clearinghouse, I can enter that information now. Please send ALL of your NPI numbers.

Send this information to .

Upon receipt and after I enter this information on your behalf, the agency will have the capability to submit claims to the Iowa MCO’s via Therap.

In order to obtain your ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) for AmeriHealth, there is a pre-enrollment form that must be completed by the agency. If not done so already, please request this form when you send your NPI, EIN information for Amerihealth to me. I will then send you the form that needs to be completed. In turn, you must complete the form and send it to the listed address for Amerihealth.

As you are aware, IME has stated that they will be paying all Iowa Magellan claims for the service dates starting on and after 1/1/16. To make sure you are able to bill within Therap during this transition time, your funding source listed on the Magellan Service Authorizations will need to be changed to IME.

If you have already generated Iowa Magellan claims, you will need to create a new Service Authorizations for the Iowa Magellan claims and replace the funding source with IME in order for them to be processed.

AGAINplease wait to expire current service authorizations until further notice.

As stated in previous communications, this is all predicated on whether or not CMS approves the Managed Care initiative for Iowa and the new 3/1/16 start date.


Once we have definitive information on the start date for the Iowa Medicaid Modernization initiative, I plan to hold an instructional webinar for Iowa Providers using the Billing Plus module and explain how to move your current Service Authorizations to the new MCO funding sources and other preparation tasks. More information regarding this webinar will be shared when available.

As always, please feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions specific these changes in the Billing Plus module. We will keep you updated on the progress as we want this to be an easy transition.

Therap in Iowa – MCO’s & Billing Functionality Update 1.2016

The CMS decisions in December to delay the start of the Managed Care in Iowa, has provided us a bit more time to prepare for the start of the initiative. To that end, Medicaid-Managed-Care-SquareTherap continues to move forward with the Billing System preparation.

Iowa Providers that utilize Therap’s Billing Plus functionality (the ability to submit claims directly from the platform), please find below our current progress.

Therap Billing Specialist, Heather Thornton, has provided the following update…

The electronic links to submit claims from Therap to the 4 MCO’s via Emdeon were completed on 12/18/15. As luck would have it, the news regarding Wellcare’s contract being terminated was released the same day.

On 12/22/15, we saw that Wellcare was/is appealing the termination decision. Therefore, we are keeping that link available in the event Wellcare wins the appeal.

Therap will be working with an Iowa agency to complete the link testing process this month. We anticipate this testing to be complete by the end of January.

As shared in December, “…once (it is established) that these links are fully functional, we will make them available as funding sources in Therap.

In turn, providers can then begin working on Service Authorizations for the Managed Care Organizations. Providers will need to create new Service Authorizations in order to apply these new funding sources.”

When this process can advance, providers will expire existing service authorizations for 3/1/16.

AGAIN – please wait to expire your current service authorizations until further notice.

Please note, this is all predicated on whether or not CMS approves the Managed Care initiative for Iowa and the new 3/1/16 start date. From the available information, CMS is forecast to return to Iowa in mid-February to make that determination.

Please feel free to contact Heather ( if you have any questions specific these changes in the Billing Plus module. We will keep you updated on the progress as we want this to be an easy transition.

To learn more about Therap’s Billing Plus Module, click here.

Therap in Iowa – MCO’s & Billing Functionality Update

Iowa is quickly moving towards Managed Care. While there are still several issues yet to be resolved by the governing parties involved, Therap, like you, is preparing for the January 1st start date. We anticipate no insurmountable issues with this change. Therap is very comfortable in an MCO environment.

Heather Thornton, our Billing Specialist who is deeply engaged with this Iowa change reports the following…

“Therap is in the process of establishing the electronic links for the Iowa MCO’s with the clearinghouse, Emdeon. We expect to have this completed towards the end of the December.

When these links are established, Therap will then proceed with testing of claims submission through each of the MCO’s, to make sure everything is ready to “Go Live”.

Once Therap establishes that these links are fully functional, we will make them available as funding sources in Therap.

In turn, providers can then begin working on Service Authorizations for the Managed Care Organizations. Providers will need to create new Service Authorizations in order to apply these new funding sources.

When this process can advance, providers will expire existing service authorizations for 12/31/15.

Please wait to expire your current service authorizations until further notice.”

This is all predicated on the responsiveness of the MCO’s and whether or not CMS approves the Managed Care initiative for Iowa and the 1/1/16 start date.

To learn more about Therap’s Billing Plus Module, click here.


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