Candeo’s Data Entry Traveling Trophy


The Traveling Therap Trophy.

Candeo, a new Therap User Agency in Johnston, Iowa,  is in the throes of implementing Therap.   They selected Therap to be prepared for advent of Managed Care, which coming to Iowa in 2016.  With the goal of having their new process launched on January 1st, the agency began implementation in early August of 2015.

Presently, sites, programs, individuals, enrollments and staff have been entered.  Candeo reports they are ahead of schedule and moving foward with Staff Scheduling Master Schedule builds and ready to really dig into Billing Plus functionality.  They have been “rockin’ it”!!

With the “GO LIVE” date approaching fast, they are busy entering ISP Programs for data collection.  To keep the process fun (and slightly competitive), they have introduced a “traveling trophy” to mark progress.

Each service coordinator team (which Candeo references as a “pod”) has a weekly goal for ISP Program migration (from their former platform to Therap).  When all pods reach their mark, they will be fully prepared for staff training starting on December 7th.

This week, the Pod Lamb Chop has won the honor and possession of the  Candeo Therap Trophy!

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