Billing Overview in Illinois

Therap is thrilled to invite all Illinois users to join an upcoming webinar on Billing Overview in Illinois. This informative webinar is scheduled to be held on 15th July, 2020 at 10:00 AM (CST)/11:00 AM (EST). Therap’s specialist, Susan Allen, will present a comprehensive overview on the Billing module so that your requirements for quick payment can be fulfilled optimally with efficiency. 

Therap’s Billing module serves as a beneficial resource for billing administrators who are able to easily generate billing data from Direct Billing, ISP Data, EVV Billing, Case Note Billing and more! The ability to utilize aggregated data collected at the point-of-service delivery with complete significant information for verification ensures accountability for the services provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The billing features aid in successful audits with early identification of discrepancies. Through this webinar, you will learn to utilize all the features of billing so that you can effortlessly submit billing claims and receive swift payments.   

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication, billing and reporting for provider agencies. The solutions we offer to organizations in Illinois include daily notes/goal/outcome/POMs tracking using ISP Data, monthly Q note/quarterly/annual summaries using ISP Data Reports, communication logs using T-Logs, monthly nursing summaries using Health Care Reports, paper medication administration records using Therap eMAR that is Rule 116-compliant with availability of Pharmacy Interface as well as Billing to ROCs and Institutional Claims and more!

Register now to secure your spot for this webinar and learn more about Therap’s Billing features in Illinois!

State Conference in Oacoma, South Dakota

Join our upcoming State Conference in Oacoma, South Dakota on February 20-21, 2019. The conference will be held for two full days of sessions lead by Therap experts. This is a great opportunity to network with your counterparts from across the state. Therap is working with South Dakota Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide Data Collection, Plan Sharing, Case Management Billing, and Critical Incident Reporting. South Dakota has implemented Critical Incident Report (CIR), Service Support Section of ISP Plan, Case Note Billing, Quarterly Monitoring Report and many more. Providers in South Dakota cannot bill for current month’s services unless the person has been discharged. Newly admitted individuals will need to be assigned to a Case Manager, enrolled in a program and have a Service Authorization in place.

The conference will be a good place to learn about new developments in the Therap system, along with individual support documentation and reporting, electronic health records (EHR) and training management from the technology leader in the developmental disabilities field. There will be beginner, intermediate and advanced level sessions.

Here are four great reasons to join us:  

  • Attend this two-day event and walk away with a wealth of knowledge
  • Learn how to maximize use of Therap’s tools
  • Connect with Therap-South Dakota User Community and share best practices
  • Enjoy highly informative session tracks and take advantage of networking opportunities

About the Presenters:

Justin M. Brockie is Chief Operating Officer at Therap. Justin has worked directly with state and county governments and large multi-state providers. He has led Therap’s development, technical, customer support and training teams in devising new, innovative solutions to issues confronted by human service professionals.

Jeff Mau is Business Development Consultant at Therap. Jeff became familiar with Therap platform when he took on the role of Regional Therap Coordinator for Mosaic, a national service platform. He primarily works with agencies in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

Leah Sewell is Senior State Implementation Specialist at Therap. Prior to joining Therap, Leah used Therap system for documentation of supports in Southern Maine. She currently provides online training and support to providers involved in the statewide implementation of Therap.

Jeff Covington is Deputy Director of State Implementation at Therap. Jeff has extensive experience in project management and leading a diverse team to successful outcomes. His role is to oversee the implementation of Therap for States.

Click here to register for the event

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