Summer Release for Therap not far away!!!

If you haven’t taken some time yet to go through and look at all of the new elements coming out in our summer release I highly encourage you to do so.  It is as simply as clicking on the link here or off the website…

The release has some really nice features for those looking to have the new ISP more organized, or if you are looking for mobile apps in Therap.  The new features provide some great functionality in this area that has been developed and is going to be available in the new release.   Stay on top of all the ways you can capture data and improve the lives of the individuals you support.



In Tears over Therap!!!

So the message I received this morning in my email was that a Training Management Supervisor was literally in tears over seeing the features that are available in the TMS (Training Management System).  I was then asked by the Director of the agency if it was Therap’s intent to bring people to tears with our software?  My response, absolutely if the tears are tears of joy!

It is always great to hear how Therap is making a real difference in the lives of the people who are out in the field making a difference everyday.  This person upon seeing how her job was going to be made easier by utilizing TMS in Therap was obviously pretty excited.

I hear a lot of suggestions of how to make the system better, and that is great keep em coming.  I hear a lot of ways of how we should improve things, and we are.  But it is also good to hear every once in a while how Therap is a pretty awesome solution right now and making a difference in the lives of individual all across the Midwest and beyond.

We are getting ready for our summer release in the several weeks ahead.  I have seen some of the things that are coming and they are pretty exciting.  Be sure and stay tuned into what coming you may end up with a tear or two coming to your eyes.  Tears of Joy that is!

Hope all is well in the Therap Midwest, plan now to be apart of the NATIONAL CONVENTION in KC January 2014!

Willows Way in St. Charles, MO

I am happy to announce that Willows Way has just signed with Therap and they are well on their way to getting things up and running.

Willows Way provides personalized support to individuals with challenges, promoting dignity while fostering independence, growth, and life choices within the community.
Willows Way coordinates the support staff for helping individuals live in their own home in the community. This person-centered support staff is designed to facilitate an individual’s choice to live, work, learn, and actively participate in his/her community. Supports include skill training, physical assistance, medical oversight and/or employment support for individuals needing 24-hour support.

We are excited to have them aboard Therap Midwest!

Minnesota Conference right around the corner

It will not be long until we turn the calendar to October and the focus of the Minnesota conference will be upon us.  If you have not taken the time to sign up and register for this conference simply click on the link to make sure you get registered. 

The conference will take place in Burnsville, MN and is scheduled for October 17-18th.  I look forward to seeing you there.

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Great Team, Great Conference!

It was a great conference that wrapped up in Des Moines this past week.  It was so great to have the Midwest team all together and meeting, training, and finding solutions for agencies in Iowa and beyond this past week.  The whole team was instrumental in making a difference in all the different scenarios and agencies that came to the conference.  Thanks to all of you who participated and made the conference a success.

Michelle, me, Jordan, and Chris

Iowa Conference Kicks Off!

This week we are spending some time training and meeting new agencies in Iowa.  We have a great turnout of folks that have various experience with Therap.  Some agencies that are brand new who are getting the first good look at the Therap system, others who have grown with us through the years.  It has been great to reconnect with some folks and begin conversations with those who are just starting with Therap.  I have the whole midwest crew with me this week Michelle, Chris and Jordan.  Everyone is doing a great job and we have also been joined by Donna, Annie and Mike from Elsevier/ CDS.  Wish you were all here!

Jordan Training at Iowa Conference



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State of Missouri User Group Meeting- Sign up now to attend!!!

MO Capital

If you have done so yet I am asking all of our agencies and SB 40 boards to join us for a look at incident reporting in the state of Missouri on September 6th, at 11am.  We will discuss the new EMT incident reporting in MO and the future of submitting this document to DMH in the future.  You can register for the event by clicking on the link below.  I look forward to talking with all of you following the Labor Day Holiday.  Talk to you soon…

2012.2 Set to release

Good Friday to everybody in Therap Midwest.  If you haven’t heard yet  be prepared for the latest Therap release 2012.2 starting tonight.  The release notes are already availalble at  .  The release has a couple of things that I know some of you have asked for in previous days.  Take a few moments and look through what is coming your way.  Talk to you soon!!!

Dates for Lincoln, NE Therap Conference

If you haven’t signed up yet make sure and take time to sign up to attend the Lincoln, NE conference. The dates are November 6-7 in Lincoln. You can sign up by clicking on the following link

This will be a great conference to go over all the new items we have started using in the state of NE as well as looking forward to the new items we are looking at implementing.  Look forward to seeing you there.

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Wild West Tour Through Nebraska

This past week Sazzad, Jordan and I have been meeting with Service Coordinators and Providers throughout the Husker State. It has been a great week as we have looked at how the state is presently using the new Intake and Referral pieces as well as look at some new items we are working on for the state. Discussions around the ISP and the IB have very good and enlightening as we continue to draw closer to the new release that is about a month away now. Some very exciting things are going to be coming out in this new release and we provide multiple profiles that a user can switch between. It is going to be really great.

The trip ended with Jordan driving all the way back from Scottsbluff (hang in there Kid) and Sazzad, Justin and myself jumping on a small plane in Scottsbluff, NE to fly into Denver where we went our different ways. They headed to MT and I headed back to KCMO to attend the upcoming new CER that the state is releasing. Now before you get to excited MO providers, it is another paper form…i know!!!! Oh well, the good journey continues seeking to bring effeciencies in a paperless fashion to the Midwest.

Off to Denver after great meetings across Nebraska

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