Just awesome!

I met with Individual Expressions in Lees Summit yesterday for their on site training. They are a growing agency that is extremely excited to start using Therap! After the training, Mark Fortin was able to show me a cool storage area for there laptops while they are in the home!

If you’re looking for safety….here we go!


Steel lock box


Held in place by "jail cell" bolts


and finally...a coded lock!


Simply awesome Mark!

I look forward to meeting with other agencies around the Midwest. See ya Soon!

Are You Registered for the KC Conference???

It looks like a great conference is shaping up in KC on May 22-23. Have you registered or is someone from your agency attending? We have some really great sessions that are going to be led by different individuals from agencies across the Midwest.

Happy to announce that Jim Kelly will be at the Conference to discuss billing.

In addition to the great information and discussion concerning Therap there will also be the ability for attendees to go down to the Power and Light District for a good evening on Tuesday night.

K C Conference Opportunity Tuesday Night after all the Therap Sessions

If you haven’t signed up yet make sure and take a few minutes and go do so right now. You will not want to miss out on this Therap event in the Midwest. Here is the link… https://www.therapservices.net/conferences/?p=1539

Southern Hospitality & Midwest Memories

I was able to spend some time with the awesome people of The Charles Lea Center in South Carolina a few weeks ago and discovered southern hospitality was no joke! When leaving The Charles Lea Center it felt like leaving family, even though Stacey and I were only there a few days.

Charles Lea Center Staff

Stacey and I also enjoyed pizza as big as our faces at Venus Pie Pizzeria in Spartanburg, SC!

New York Style Pizza!

Last week Jeff, Justin, and I spent a few days training the Service Coordinators in Lincoln, NE! We reviewed GER’s and management summaries with them. Nebraska will also soon begin using a referral module created for them by Therap. The Service Coordinators seemed very excited and we had many ask when they would be able to use even more parts of the system.

Nebraska Service Coordinators

However, my favorite part about getting to go to Lincoln for work is seeing my family! My second favorite part is getting to see my cute doggy who is living with her grandparents until I have a little more time to hang out with her!

My puppy Smudge!

I am spending this week in Minnesota! Check back next week for photos of the amazing agencies I am working with here this week!


If you are in Missouri or Minnesota I hope you will take some time to register and plan on attending the upcoming user group meetings we have scheduled for these two states. You can sign up for the sessions from the website under upcoming user group meetings. Please take advantage of these opportunities.

Kansas City, MO Conference!

Hey Therapville Midwest!! Just a friendly reminder about our upcoming conference at the CoCo Key Water Resort in Kansas City May 22nd and 23rd! Early bird pricing for rooms at CoCo Key have to be booked by April 20th… only 16 short days away! I also received this Groupon in my email today I thought I would share with all of you current & future Therap users who may be coming to the conference and bringing children with you (or you love lazy river’s like myself)… This is a great deal for half off for two passes to the 55,000-square-foot water park water park as well as a discount on pizza and drinks! The deal ends in a day and a half so take advantage for some entertainment after the awesome conference sessions!!

How fun does this look?!

See you all in May!


P.S. Don’t forget to register for the conference here !

The last few weeks

Hello Everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts! The last few weeks have been quite busy! Chris and I were in St. Louis training the great staff at Bridges Community Support Services for a few days at the end of February.

Bridges Community Support Services

The morning started off quite interesting with Theresa setting off the alarm to the building, but all of that was taken care of and Chris and I were able to train even with the ringing in our ears :) We also ate at a fantastic little Thai Restaurant that I would highly suggest to anyone in the area called “Pearl Cafe”. Thanks for all of the help Theresa!

Chris & Theresa

After St. Louis I spent some time with another fellow trainer Stephen Flanigan in New York. We spent the week training with Heritage Christian Services.

Heritage Christian Services

We received a very warm welcome complete with Therap colored balloons and a TON of great food and snacks every time we turned around

Heritage Christian Services

Thanks especially to Liz for being such a great host!!  Since it was my first time to Buffalo (and Rochester) Stephen was kind enough to take me to Niagara Falls after training one evening. Thanks to daylight savings it was still light out when we got there and we walked around the falls until dark. Thanks Stephen

Niagara Falls!

Me at Niagara Falls for the first time!

Lastly! I spent a few days last week in the Wisconsin Dells at the fabulous Kalahari Resort for the Rockin WALA Conference! I chatted with a lot of really great providers. The Dells looked like they would be quite fun to go to in the summer time, although I feel I lucked out with a 75 degree week in Wisconsin in March! I look forward to visit again sometime soon to do some on site training :) Hope everyone has had a fabulous March, I personally can’t believe it’s almost over!

Week in Waterbury, CT

Hey everyone! Jordan again. Just finishing up my week in Waterbury with Maureen and Justin! I may have chatted with a few of you this week as I took my first few attempts at live help. In between chatting sessions there were a few minor details to finish up to get ready for the National Provider Administrator Conference in 4 days!!! I’ve learned a lot this week about the really neat things you can do with the data you collect using Therap. Can’t wait to learn even more next week at the conference! Look forward to seeing everyone in New Jersey!

Training in Seneca, Kansas!

Hello Therapville! Jordan here! Just a quick post about the time Chris and I spent with the wonderful people in Seneca, Kansas last week! We were assisting the great staff at the Nemaha County Training Center get started with Therap and they made us feel right at home! I wanted to share with all of the Therap users a cool policy NCTC uses for medication errors.
Their system works much like the points on a driver’s license. The nurse assigns a severity rating to each medication administered to the individuals supported. If a staff misses a dose of a medication they lose a certain amount of points. The points lost are dependent on the severity level of the medication (ie a missed seizure medication would cause the staff to lose more points then missing a dose of nasal spray). Once the staff loses all of their points the agency reports them to the state for abuse/neglect. If the staff goes the agency determined amount of time without having a medication error they are able to gain points back. Chris and I thought this was a great way to motivate staff to go through all of their necessary checks and really take medications seriously as no one wants to be put on the abuse/neglect registry.
The second most exciting part of our time in Seneca (besides the training of course) was finding out the town had a Valentino’s Italian Buffet which I thought was a Nebraska only restaurant that I’ve had quite the hankerin’ for since moving to Kansas City!
I can’t wait to meet more of the inspiring Therap providers at the National Conference next week in New Jersey and learn all I can about the amazing programs everyone is running! Happy Wednesday!

Great Training and Meeting with IL Agencies

This past week I was able to spend time with several agencies in Illinois.  The time started with some training with one of our longest standing users of Therap in the Midwest.  Rimland Services of Evanston, IL in the Northern part of the Chicagoland area.  I had a great time with Bridget Crump and Michael Christopher training staff and find more effeciencies in the system that they can take advantage of at their agency.

Rimland Services Staff

In addition to training at Rimland I also spent time with an agency in Rock Island, IL and some additional agencies in the Chicago area.  All in all it was a great trip meeting with some tremendous agencies doing a great job in supporting individuals in Illinois.  I look forward to meeting with those that are already users as well as some of these agencies becoming new Therap partners using the Therap system.


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