ISP Data Reports in Ohio

Therap is delighted to invite all users in Ohio to join an upcoming webinar on ISP Data Reports. This explanatory online session is scheduled to be presented on 21st July, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST). Therap experts, Milagros “Mimi” Roche and Katy Lilly, will be the hosts of this online event and will be there to ensure that you learn the essential features of ISP Data Reports for effortless and efficient daily LTSS documentation.

Therap’s ISP Data module enables you to collect and record data in order to track progress of an individual’s goals set in the Service/Program Plan. On the other hand, the ISP Data Reports feature will allow you to generate reports on the provided services so that service delivery and progress towards goals can be monitored. Through this webinar, you will learn to generate various ISP Data Reports such as Programmatic Reports, Clinician Reports, Data Collection Monthly Reports, Habilitation Documentation Records, and more! 

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication and reporting for intellectual and developmental disability provider agencies in Ohio. Therap’s suite of applications features tools that extensively cover the support provided to individuals as well as programs that assist an agency in managing employee training/certifications and schedules. 

Register now to secure your spot and learn more about ISP Data Reports in Ohio!

Enjoy our newest Press Release: SOC 2 Report on Security Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy

WATERBURY, Conn., March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leader in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities electronic health record and data management, has announced receipt of the SOC 2 Report on Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy Practices.

Richard Robbins, CEO of Therap Services, states, “Undergoing the SOC 2 audit and receipt of this report validates Therap’s level of commitment to maintaining security of protected health information for all provider agencies, organizations, county and state systems utilizing Therap Services as the electronic health record and documentation software solution.”

SOC 2 compliance is part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Control reporting platform. states: “These reports are performed using the AICPA Guide:  Reporting on Controls at a Service Organizations Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity,  Confidentiality, or Privacy and are intended for use by stakeholders (e.g., customers, regulators, business partners, suppliers, directors) of the service organization that have a thorough understanding of the service organization and its  internal controls. These reports can form an important part of stakeholders:

  • Oversight of the organization
  • Vendor management program
  • Internal corporate governance and risk management processes
  • Regulatory oversight”

The SOC 2 for Therap’s Developmental Disability software solution covers the AICPA Trust principles. states: “Trust Services are defined as a set of professional attestation and advisory services based on a core set of principles and criteria that addresses the risks and opportunities of IT-enabled systems and privacy programs. Trust Services Principles and Criteria are issued by the Assurance Services Executive Committee of the AICPA.”

“The following principles and related criteria have been developed by the AICPA:

  • Availability. The system is available for operation and use as committed or agreed.
  • Processing integrity. System processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized.
  • Confidentiality. Information designated as confidential is protected as committed or agreed.
  • Privacy. Personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and destroyed in conformity with the commitments in the entity’s privacy notice and with criteria set forth in generally accepted privacy principles issued by the AICPA.”

“The trust services principles and criteria of security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality are organized in four broad areas:

  • Policies. The entity has defined and documented its policies relevant to the particular principle.
  • Communications. The entity has communicated its defined policies to responsible parties and authorized users of the system.
  • Procedures. The entity placed in operation procedures to achieve its objectives in accordance with its defined policies.
  • Monitoring. The entity monitors the system and takes action to maintain compliance with its defined policies.”

About Therap Services, LLC

Therap Services patented developmental disabilities software solution supports compliance with standards as required for funding through Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services at both state system and agency levels. Therap’s electronic documentation software solution is used by over 1,200 I/DD agency, county and state entities with over 200,000 users documenting services to more than 200,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Therap is widely used in case management, home and community-based services (HCBS), intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ICF-DD), day treatment programs, developmental centers and other settings.

Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reporting, medication error reporting, behavior tracking, individual service plans, goal tracking, health records, medication administration records and case management notes, among others. Therap offers solutions for employee training management and employee scheduling. It also covers billing with service authorizations, attendance and professional claim tracking modules. Therap’s HIPAA, HITECH and ARRA compliant software applications are suitable for day programs, residential services, supported living, case management and community support programs.

Winter Storm and Therap

The snow continues to fall across the region today as schools, business, churches, and countless other activities are brought to a halt.  Here in KC it looks like it will be a couple of days before things get back to normal as many will scramble to clear roads, drives, and sidewalks.  It is in these times that I am reminded once again of the value of Therap as people are able to stay up to date and current with what is taking place across an agency by simply logging into the system.  I hope you all stay safe today and take advantage of logging in and catching up on whatever needs to be addressed.

Snowfall in KC brings thing to a halt.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend retires at CDD

Last Friday, I was able to spend some time with some other folks in the KC area to acknowledge and pay respects to Jim Johnson who is retiring at Center for Developmentally Disabled in the KC Metro.  Jim has spent the last 30 years in leadership at CDD and he has provided to both his agency and many other agencies along the way insight and mentoring.  His agency was one of the first agencies to start using Therap in KC and since then the agency continues to utilize the software effectively in providing quality supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. Jim has been many things to many people as he has negotiated the many changes and nuances that are so very abundant in the I/DD field.  His leadership and insight will be missed and yet I am happy for him and his wife who may get to enjoy traveling even more which I know they are both excited about the opportunity.  Jim, I wish you nothing but the best!

Jim in front of his old school 386 computer...yes I said 386.

College of Direct Support at the KC Conference

Getting  close to the last days to sign up for the KC conference on May 7-8th at the Holiday Inn in KC.  If you have not done so I hope you will take a minute to go and get signed up

In addition to finding out more exciting things in the world of Therap Midwest, CDS will also be there sharing info and sessions on May 7th.  So take advantage of learning more about both of these great online opportunities to improve your agency.

See you soon in KC!!!

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

I was able to spend a fantastic week and a half in Minnesota with 3 awesome new providers who are beginning to use Therap! It was also a nice escape from the Midwestern heat and you cannot beat scenery like this…

The view from Synstelin Community Services

My week started out at Access of the Red River Valley, then I spent a few days at Synstelin Community Services, and ended my week and a half with Connections of Moorehead.

Connections is going green with Therap!

Training at Connections!

So excited to welcome these 3 awesome agencies to Therap!! Also, thanks to the folks at Connections for suggesting I spend my weekend in Minnesota here…

Detroit Lakes, MN

Better late than never?

As my sunburns have finally finished healing I suppose it’s time to accept the fact I am no longer in Hawaii and share some photos with all of you from the Therap regional conference in Honolulu, HI!

Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background!

Kevin showed us around town the first night we got in. Here is my first Hawaiian sunset!!

The folks at the conference were SO welcoming and I had a GREAT time leading sessions on all things Therap with this group! Here are a few shots from the conference!

Plenary Session!

Playing DSP on Planet EPTHAR... Click on the photo to try it out!!

After the conference was over I got to spend two days wandering around Oahu! I enjoyed breakfast on the beach, a luau, a tour around the entire island (which included driving past Jackie Chan’s summer home!) and an entire day on the beach which I kept with me until my skin finished peeling a few days ago Emoticon showing smiley face Here are a couple more photos from my adventures!

At a beautiful beach just east of Waikiki!

Sleeping Dragon Mountain at Hanauma Bay! Can you see its head and shoulder?

At the Dole Pineapple Plantation! I had the most delicious pineapple sorbet... makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Can you spot the man who climbed to the top of the coconut tree?


I took a little sail! In the background is Waikiki and Diamond Head

Can you spy the sunburn shining through? The white bird on the left kept giving me kisses on my cheek while we were taking photos!

I’ve missed Hawaii everyday since I got back, and can’t wait to return!! The last couple of weeks I have spent touring around the state of Nebraska, which is very near and dear to my heart since it’s where I was raised! Last week I met with state service coordinators in the Eastern half of the state to discuss the new budget module and ISP (or IPP to all of my Nebraskans). I received SUCH a warm welcome from the service coordinators, to which I was grateful! We had some really great discussions about the modules already implemented in the state of Nebraska and those which are coming in the near future. I urge any agencies in Nebraska who aren’t fulling utilizing Therap to contact me so I can show you what this great program has to offer!! I’ll be returning soon Nebraska friends! Can’t wait to get some “hands on” time with the service coordinators! Until next time, aloha fellow Therap lovers!

Our Thoughts go out to RSI and others in Duluth, MN

To say that the reports and pictures from Duluth are shocking is an understatement. To see the area in the pictures compared to what I saw in the area just a couple of weeks ago is hard to put into perspective. Our thoughts go out to RSI and others in the Duluth area as they try to dry out and put things back together. Click on the link below to see more…

Devastating Floods in Duluth MN

Therap Midwest on the Road

This week Michelle and I are meeting with some agencies in the ST. Louis and Illinois areas. We decided to take a moment to take a breath under the arch for a new installment of the video blog. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Michelle Saunders Joins us in the Midwest!!!

It is great for me to welcome to our Midwest Therap Team Michelle Saunders. She is going to be a great representative for us and she will be based in the Chicago area. Please see her bio and a great picture below. Please join me in welcoming her to the Therap Team…

Welcome to the Team Michelle!

Michelle received her Bachelor’s degree from Juniata College in Pennsylvania majoring in Education and Psychology. She began her career with persons with disabilities as a direct care staff person while in college and then as a Case Manager in the Central Pennsylvania region. She returned to the provider side after a couple of years and quickly moved into supervisory roles, managing several homes for persons with disabilities. Michelle relocated to Missouri in 2005 and worked as a consultant for ACT (Alternative Community Training) in Columbia, Missouri. After providing feedback regarding ways to improve services, Michelle accepted a position to assist with the day to day operations of the Day Services program. As a program director, Michelle also assisted with grant applications, led training efforts and spoke throughout the U.S. about training and evolution of program delivery through ACT. Michelle was also instrumental in efforts to bring College of Direct Support and Therap to her agency. Michelle became a Therap Certified Trainer in June of 2010.

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