We were at the 25th DDNA Conference in Dallas!

Last weekend (Thursday through Sunday) I was fortunate enough to represent Therap at the 25th Annual Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA) Educational Conference.  It was held at the downtown Hyatt in Dallas, Texas.  This event was attended by nurses from all over the USA.   I counted somewhere near 300 I/DD nurses!  Obviously, all specialized in supporting individuals in service.   Quite a fun group!

Knowing that Therap was their Signature Sponsor, at the Friday evening Gala Celebration held at Eddie Deen’s Downtown Ranch, I was not aware that a photo booth with a live Texas Longhorn was included!  If you wanted, you could get your picture taken on this majestic animal.  Anyone who had a picture taken, received their picture riding off into the Texas sunset.

At first I thought the steer was a model, as it stood so still.  But, nope.  He was LIVE.  I asked the handler about his “pet” and, indeed, this beautiful animal was a family pet.  He was raised by the family as a companion animal.  Very much like a working dog, he loves to be around people and loves his job in the spotlight.  So much so that there is no need for any unnatural means of keeping him calm.

He lives in an air conditioned barn.  He travels in an air conditioned trailer.  He has a bed…not a bunch of hay….a BED.  And, is fed a top quality diet.  As the owner / handler stated, “His current life sure beats the alternative.”

This photo-op was a show stopper!!