Even during Snowmageddon you can catch up on things using Therap!!

Even in the Snow you can catch up on Therap

People all over the Midwest are slammed with snow and unable to get around.  What is great is that if your agency uses Therap Services for your documentation needs you are able to access Therap from home and catch up on things.  How awesome is that?  If you are not using Therap, why not?  It gives you the ability to stay ahead on things and allow your agency to keep on top of things even when others are unable to do so.  If you are not using Therap…2011 is your year to move forward.

DSN-Omaha Training to “Go Live” in Therap

This week I have the awesome pleasure of training a kickin agency in Nebraska called Developmental Services of Nebraska.  This week I was with the group in Omaha.  Ralph Allen is the area director at DSN-Omaha and the staff was incredible.  I have no doubt that Therap will be a great addition to the quality of things already taking place at this agency.  Thanks to everyone at DSN for participating and getting started in Therap.

Area Director, Ralph AllenDSN at Omaha Staff Jump into it

DSN at Omaha Staff Jump Into Therap

Developmental Services in Nebraska Gets Started

It was good to recently train and help DSN in Nebraska get started in Therap.  I worked with Kristen Smith in Kearney, NE.  She and her staff had everything ready to go as I trained all of her staff and they looked to go live with their documentation later this month.

Area Director, Kristen Smith


DSN Staff Training in Kearney, NE

This group in Kearney is the first of many locations that DSN are looking to get up and running.  We will continue with the other locations in the weeks ahead.  It was pretty aparent to me why they started with this group in Kearney as they were a “SHARP” group for sure and caught on quickly.  Remember to be in Test Mode everyone until we go live and keep up the good work.  As for the other locations of DSN, I look forward to seeing you in the weeks ahead.

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