Calvin joins the Central States Team.

Calvin Christensen joins Therap as the newest Training & Implementation Specialist in the Central States Region. Prior to joining Therap’s support team, Calvin worked at Developmental Services of Nebraska (DSN) for four years at a location with high risk adults. Calvin used Therap for efficient documentation of services in his work at DSN.

When asked about his first week at Therap’s East Coast office in Waterbury, CT, Calvin states: “I was able to meet some great co-workers and learn a lot about the process of implementation at the agency level.  I learned a great deal about how providers are utilizing Therap nationally and how to best assist our customers.”

Calvin has since headed back to the Midwest and will be spending time with members of our Support team, visiting provider agencies and attending Therap User Groups & Conferences in weeks to come. If you bump into Calvin, be sure to welcome him as the newest Therapite!

Support in the West

Therap is currently looking for a new person to assist customer support and implementation with agencies.  The position is one we are trying to fill in our Central or West States Regions of the US.  If you live in one of these areas and the below description seems to be a fit be sure and apply.  You can apply at the following link


Customer Support and Implementation Specialist

Therap Services, based in Waterbury, Connecticut, is currently the national leader in online electronic health records and documentation for people with developmental disabilities. The company is seeking a dynamic and hardworking individual to fill the position of a Customer Support and Implementation Specialist.

We are looking for an exceptional individual on the lookout for an excellent career opportunity. Our ideal candidate is an expert user of the Therap system (the majority of our support staff had been House Managers before coming to work for Therap). S/he should be ready to accept a challenging job that combines teaching, support, consulting, computer skills, and extensive traveling.  About 90% of the job, especially during the first two years, is expected to be traveling.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Provide on-site training to users
  • Train and consult States, Counties, single and multi-state providers, families, self-advocates, and anyone else using Therap
  • Provide live customer support in person, via computer, at conferences and over the phone
  • Work both independently and remotely and as part of a diverse and dynamic national and multi-national organization

Skills required:

  • Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills along with good decision making capability
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and speech)
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), web applications and Email clients


  • Experience working as a House Manager or equivalent in the developmental disability field
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Must have experience of using Therap applications
  • Basic administrative skills
  • Interest in computers, social media, developmental disabilities, marketing, teaching, traveling, public speaking and presenting

If this sounds like the job for you or if you have previously sent in your resume and now feel that this new position could be the right one for you, please send in your updated resume, and a note, telling us why you would be the perfect addition to the Therap team.

Therap is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend retires at CDD

Last Friday, I was able to spend some time with some other folks in the KC area to acknowledge and pay respects to Jim Johnson who is retiring at Center for Developmentally Disabled in the KC Metro.  Jim has spent the last 30 years in leadership at CDD and he has provided to both his agency and many other agencies along the way insight and mentoring.  His agency was one of the first agencies to start using Therap in KC and since then the agency continues to utilize the software effectively in providing quality supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. Jim has been many things to many people as he has negotiated the many changes and nuances that are so very abundant in the I/DD field.  His leadership and insight will be missed and yet I am happy for him and his wife who may get to enjoy traveling even more which I know they are both excited about the opportunity.  Jim, I wish you nothing but the best!

Jim in front of his old school 386 computer...yes I said 386.

Therap National Conference Airport Transportation

Hello fellow Therapites! To assist in assuring you’re in the right spot to catch the bus tomorrow (Monday, January 27th) we’ve taken some photos of the meeting spots at both terminals B & C. First things first! Here is the awesome bus you’ll be looking for :



There will be a Therap logo on the door and windshield





Southwest and Delta Passengers meet at gate 45 (Terminal B)



For Southwest and Delta passengers look for parking tower 2 outside of gate 45

If you are arriving on a United, US Airways, America, Frontier or any other airline in Terminal C you will be meeting in front of the US Airways bag claim area. You’ll want to look for this sign outside:

Anyone landing in Terminal C (US Airways, American, United, Frontier) will meet outside of gate 81

The bus will be parked across from the above pictured sign here:

Bus outside of Terminal C

To download the bus schedule please click here:

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Case (816-522-3683) or Chris Johnson (816-520-5533) with any questions. Their numbers are also listed on the above posted bus schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing you all and having a great week!!


Coming to KC???

We certainly look forward to having people from all over coming to the National Conference in a few weeks in KCMO.  If you have not been to KC or you are wanting to get a feel for some of the things you might include into your trip to the heartland, the Paris of the Plaines, take a look at this site that offers quite a bit of insight.

See you in a few weeks!

Have You Signed up For the National Conference Yet???

Have you signed up for the Therap National Conference that is scheduled for January 28th-30th in Kansas City? If not, now is the time! We will have sessions for new and advanced users, nurses and billing folks, state related sessions and lots more! For additional information on this awesome event, click here.

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Another Patent added to Therap Services

As further proof of Therap’s leadership and innovation in the field, we have been awarded another patent!
US Patent 8,528,056 :: Managing secure sharing of private information across security domains via a communication link, including through the internet, wireless communications, mobile devices, a telephone network, and electronic messaging.

A system and method of sharing information among at least a first organization and a second organization, comprising receiving via a communication link a request for authorization for a user in the first organization to access one or more individual’s information in a second organization, the communication link comprising the Internet, Wireless Communications, Mobile Devices, a Telephone Network, and Electronic Messaging. A request is logged and authorization is determined based on at least an access profile, one or more caseloads and the one or more roles associated with the user and the type of the one or more individual’s information in the second organization. The information requested is transferred, by the communication link, from the second organization to the user in the first organization and such transfer of information is logged.

You can read much more about it here:


Pretty exciting stuff!!!

Isn’t great that your and your agency are using an industry leader?  If you are not what are you waiting on?  Give us a call and see what all the excitement is about.

In Tears over Therap!!!

So the message I received this morning in my email was that a Training Management Supervisor was literally in tears over seeing the features that are available in the TMS (Training Management System).  I was then asked by the Director of the agency if it was Therap’s intent to bring people to tears with our software?  My response, absolutely if the tears are tears of joy!

It is always great to hear how Therap is making a real difference in the lives of the people who are out in the field making a difference everyday.  This person upon seeing how her job was going to be made easier by utilizing TMS in Therap was obviously pretty excited.

I hear a lot of suggestions of how to make the system better, and that is great keep em coming.  I hear a lot of ways of how we should improve things, and we are.  But it is also good to hear every once in a while how Therap is a pretty awesome solution right now and making a difference in the lives of individual all across the Midwest and beyond.

We are getting ready for our summer release in the several weeks ahead.  I have seen some of the things that are coming and they are pretty exciting.  Be sure and stay tuned into what coming you may end up with a tear or two coming to your eyes.  Tears of Joy that is!

Hope all is well in the Therap Midwest, plan now to be apart of the NATIONAL CONVENTION in KC January 2014!

College of Direct Support at the KC Conference

Getting  close to the last days to sign up for the KC conference on May 7-8th at the Holiday Inn in KC.  If you have not done so I hope you will take a minute to go and get signed up

In addition to finding out more exciting things in the world of Therap Midwest, CDS will also be there sharing info and sessions on May 7th.  So take advantage of learning more about both of these great online opportunities to improve your agency.

See you soon in KC!!!

State of Missouri User Group Meeting- Sign up now to attend!!!

MO Capital

If you have done so yet I am asking all of our agencies and SB 40 boards to join us for a look at incident reporting in the state of Missouri on September 6th, at 11am.  We will discuss the new EMT incident reporting in MO and the future of submitting this document to DMH in the future.  You can register for the event by clicking on the link below.  I look forward to talking with all of you following the Labor Day Holiday.  Talk to you soon…

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