In Tears over Therap!!!

So the message I received this morning in my email was that a Training Management Supervisor was literally in tears over seeing the features that are available in the TMS (Training Management System).  I was then asked by the Director of the agency if it was Therap’s intent to bring people to tears with our software?  My response, absolutely if the tears are tears of joy!

It is always great to hear how Therap is making a real difference in the lives of the people who are out in the field making a difference everyday.  This person upon seeing how her job was going to be made easier by utilizing TMS in Therap was obviously pretty excited.

I hear a lot of suggestions of how to make the system better, and that is great keep em coming.  I hear a lot of ways of how we should improve things, and we are.  But it is also good to hear every once in a while how Therap is a pretty awesome solution right now and making a difference in the lives of individual all across the Midwest and beyond.

We are getting ready for our summer release in the several weeks ahead.  I have seen some of the things that are coming and they are pretty exciting.  Be sure and stay tuned into what coming you may end up with a tear or two coming to your eyes.  Tears of Joy that is!

Hope all is well in the Therap Midwest, plan now to be apart of the NATIONAL CONVENTION in KC January 2014!

Willows Way in St. Charles, MO

I am happy to announce that Willows Way has just signed with Therap and they are well on their way to getting things up and running.

Willows Way provides personalized support to individuals with challenges, promoting dignity while fostering independence, growth, and life choices within the community.
Willows Way coordinates the support staff for helping individuals live in their own home in the community. This person-centered support staff is designed to facilitate an individual’s choice to live, work, learn, and actively participate in his/her community. Supports include skill training, physical assistance, medical oversight and/or employment support for individuals needing 24-hour support.

We are excited to have them aboard Therap Midwest!

State of Missouri User Group Meeting- Sign up now to attend!!!

MO Capital

If you have done so yet I am asking all of our agencies and SB 40 boards to join us for a look at incident reporting in the state of Missouri on September 6th, at 11am.  We will discuss the new EMT incident reporting in MO and the future of submitting this document to DMH in the future.  You can register for the event by clicking on the link below.  I look forward to talking with all of you following the Labor Day Holiday.  Talk to you soon…

2012.2 Set to release

Good Friday to everybody in Therap Midwest.  If you haven’t heard yet  be prepared for the latest Therap release 2012.2 starting tonight.  The release notes are already availalble at  .  The release has a couple of things that I know some of you have asked for in previous days.  Take a few moments and look through what is coming your way.  Talk to you soon!!!

Therap Midwest on the Road

This week Michelle and I are meeting with some agencies in the ST. Louis and Illinois areas. We decided to take a moment to take a breath under the arch for a new installment of the video blog. We look forward to seeing you soon.


It’s so close I can smell it!

Next Week: Therap Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

Therap’s regional conference in Kansas City, Missouri, will be taking place next week, from May 22-23. As always, the event will be a good place to learn about recent developments in Individual support documentation and reporting, electronic health records (EHR) and training management from the technology leader in the developmental disabilities field.

The training intensive event will include beginner, intermediate, and advanced level sessions conducted by Therap experts on various Therap modules. These would also be of interest to people screening for an electronic documentation system.

Conference will have sessions on:

  • General Event Reports (Incident Reports)
  • Individual Service Plans (ISP) & Goal Tracking
  • Electronic Health Records and Tracking Medical Data
    (Vital signs, seizures, appointments, medications and lab tests)
  • Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR)
  • Communication logs and Secure Communications
  • Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Training Management System
  • Provider Administration

Please visit our website for details. You may also follow the event on .

We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City!

Therap’s HIPAA compliant documentation, reporting and communications solutions are widely used by organizations, working with people with developmental disabilities in home and community-based services (HCBS) and other settings. Direct Support Professionals, nurses, supervisors, executive directors and CEO’s in 700+ agencies, in over 45 states, are using Therap’s paperless solutions to improve quality of care. To learn more about Therap please visit
Date & Time
May 22-23, 2012
8 am – 5 pm everyday

Holiday Inn CoCo Key Water Resort
Kansas City, Missouri

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Are You Registered for the KC Conference???

It looks like a great conference is shaping up in KC on May 22-23. Have you registered or is someone from your agency attending? We have some really great sessions that are going to be led by different individuals from agencies across the Midwest.

Happy to announce that Jim Kelly will be at the Conference to discuss billing.

In addition to the great information and discussion concerning Therap there will also be the ability for attendees to go down to the Power and Light District for a good evening on Tuesday night.

K C Conference Opportunity Tuesday Night after all the Therap Sessions

If you haven’t signed up yet make sure and take a few minutes and go do so right now. You will not want to miss out on this Therap event in the Midwest. Here is the link…

Therap Midwest Welcomes Jordan Mar to the Team!!!

Welcome to the Team

Here is a little Bio from Jordan…

I graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School in 2007. While there I was on the dance team, student council, a student ambassador, the youth leadership academy, and part of a program calling Pershing Pals where I spent my lunch hour twice a week with an elementary school student who needed some extra support. I then moved to Utah where I began working for a school for kids with special needs called Dan Peterson. I was in a classroom with teenage students who had communication barriers which often led to challenging behaviors. While at Dan Peterson I also worked for Rise doing in home support for children and adults with special needs who were in a family setting. I also helped run a summer program for Rise and did respite care on the weekends.

I moved back to Nebraska in September of 2009 and began pursuing a degree in education at the University of Nebraska. While attending the University I also worked in the public schools as an early childhood special education paraprofessional working mainly with 3-5 year old’s who had Autism or another developmental delays. After working back in the schools for a year and a half I took the opportunity to participate in the Management Training Program through Developmental Services of Nebraska. I assisted with two group homes in Nebraska. One was a home for young boys with Autism and the other was a home for men who were considered to be high risk to the community. After completion of the program I moved to Kansas City, Missouri where I was the Residential Supervisor for five homes in the Kansas City area. I am currently working on completing my degree in Early Childhood Education through the distance education program provided by the University of Nebraska.

Therap Sponsors Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

This past week it was great for Chris and myself to attend the MARF Legislative Dinner in Jefferson City, MO which Therap sponsored.  We had an opportunity to connect with many of the MARF agencies that are involved with MARF as well as elected state leaders from around the state of MO.  It was great to be able to tell so many different people about the value that Therap brings to the developmental disability field.  Therap currently partners with many of the existing agencies that are members of MARF in providing a documentation solution.  If you are a member and not using Therap it really is in your agency’s best interest to give us a call to discuss how we can make a difference in your agency.

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