Another Patent added to Therap Services

As further proof of Therap’s leadership and innovation in the field, we have been awarded another patent!
US Patent 8,528,056 :: Managing secure sharing of private information across security domains via a communication link, including through the internet, wireless communications, mobile devices, a telephone network, and electronic messaging.

A system and method of sharing information among at least a first organization and a second organization, comprising receiving via a communication link a request for authorization for a user in the first organization to access one or more individual’s information in a second organization, the communication link comprising the Internet, Wireless Communications, Mobile Devices, a Telephone Network, and Electronic Messaging. A request is logged and authorization is determined based on at least an access profile, one or more caseloads and the one or more roles associated with the user and the type of the one or more individual’s information in the second organization. The information requested is transferred, by the communication link, from the second organization to the user in the first organization and such transfer of information is logged.

You can read much more about it here:


Pretty exciting stuff!!!

Isn’t great that your and your agency are using an industry leader?  If you are not what are you waiting on?  Give us a call and see what all the excitement is about.

Wild West Tour Through Nebraska

This past week Sazzad, Jordan and I have been meeting with Service Coordinators and Providers throughout the Husker State. It has been a great week as we have looked at how the state is presently using the new Intake and Referral pieces as well as look at some new items we are working on for the state. Discussions around the ISP and the IB have very good and enlightening as we continue to draw closer to the new release that is about a month away now. Some very exciting things are going to be coming out in this new release and we provide multiple profiles that a user can switch between. It is going to be really great.

The trip ended with Jordan driving all the way back from Scottsbluff (hang in there Kid) and Sazzad, Justin and myself jumping on a small plane in Scottsbluff, NE to fly into Denver where we went our different ways. They headed to MT and I headed back to KCMO to attend the upcoming new CER that the state is releasing. Now before you get to excited MO providers, it is another paper form…i know!!!! Oh well, the good journey continues seeking to bring effeciencies in a paperless fashion to the Midwest.

Off to Denver after great meetings across Nebraska

MACDDS Conference at Lake of the Ozarks

It was great to see so many familiar faces at the MACDDS conference at the Lake of the Ozarks.  MACDDS is the abbreviation for the Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services.  I saw so many Agencies that this past year have taken steps to become more paperless and efficient by using Therap  at their agency.   I also met several other agencies that have heard such good things that they want to now investigate how Therap might make a difference in their services.  I look forward to meeting with you in the upcoming days.  If you haven’t looked at the tremendous benefits that Therap can make at your agency, be sure and contact me for a consultation or demonstration of this incredible system.  Talk to you soon…

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