The Man, the Myth, the Legend retires at CDD

Last Friday, I was able to spend some time with some other folks in the KC area to acknowledge and pay respects to Jim Johnson who is retiring at Center for Developmentally Disabled in the KC Metro.  Jim has spent the last 30 years in leadership at CDD and he has provided to both his agency and many other agencies along the way insight and mentoring.  His agency was one of the first agencies to start using Therap in KC and since then the agency continues to utilize the software effectively in providing quality supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. Jim has been many things to many people as he has negotiated the many changes and nuances that are so very abundant in the I/DD field.  His leadership and insight will be missed and yet I am happy for him and his wife who may get to enjoy traveling even more which I know they are both excited about the opportunity.  Jim, I wish you nothing but the best!

Jim in front of his old school 386 computer...yes I said 386.

Theraping in Reno!

I had the pleasure to attend the NAQ conference in Reno this week at the Grand Sierra Resort. I was able to exhibit and speak during a session about Electronic Health Records and the Affordable Care Act. I also had the pleasure of talking to many of our Therap customers from around the country and hear the wonderful things they had to say about Therap. We have some awesome agencies out there doing some really awesome things in Therap. It was a great time Theraping in Reno!

Here is my hotel! It was a blast!

Michelle :)

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NAQ Conference in Chicago

The NAQ (National Association of QDDPs) conference has been a great opportunity to network with some experts in the DD field. There are close to 500 people attending this conference from all over the United States. The conference is being held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago. I have had the pleasure to catch up with many agencies that use and LOVE Therap. I have also been able to explore the paperless world with other agencies. It has been a great time. If you are not familiar with NAQ, read more here:

Listening to one of the awesome keynote speakers!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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Therap on the road in Illinois

This past week I have been meeting with agencies in the state of Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.  I have pretty much driven through the entire state enjoying the scenery and road construction.  I started up in the Quad Cities area and gradually drove through the state meeting with agencies that are considering the best electronic documentation system, and with others that are already users.  I even stopped at a rest area to do a webinar with another agency in Minnesota.  You really have NOT enjoyed a rest area until you have done a webinar at one.  The stares you get  as you attempt to walk people through a T-Log, GER, and the explanation of the Intake/Elimination in Health tracking is incredible…and that is just from the dogs at the stop.  My favorite is trying to mute and cover the motorcycles leaving the area.  It really is an exciting call to lead.  I was just thankful for the beautiful 80 degrees it was outside.  Absolutely beautiful!  All in all Rest area might just be the webinar destination of the future.

State of IL Rest Area

Revised ADA Regulations Effective March 15, 2011

There were new ADA regulations recently released.  You can check these out at website.

What are some of the key changes in the revised regulations?

Among other substantive changes, the amended regulations adopt the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, which implement new accessibility guidelines for government facilities and commercial places of public accommodation. In addition, the amended regulations address numerous accessibility issues, including selling and issuing tickets to individuals with disabilities; accommodating service animalswheelchairs and other power-driven mobility devices; providing auxiliary communication aids; and making reservations in places of lodging.

Adoption of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

The DOJ characterized these new guidelines as “more than incremental” compared with the previously applicable standards, which were issued in 1991. The heightened standards are technical in nature and include, for example: wheelchair access points (e.g., wheelchair spaces and companion seats may not be located on or obstructed by temporary platforms or other movable structures); reach ranges; single-user toilet rooms; assembly areas; location of accessible routes; entrances from parking structures; and location of guest rooms in lodging facilities.

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design >

Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

The regulations adopt a two-tiered approach to mobility devices, distinguishing between wheelchairs and “other power-driven mobility devices,” which include a range of devices not specifically designed for individuals with mobility impairments (e.g., Segways). Wheelchairs and other devices designed for use by people with mobility impairments must be permitted in all areas open to pedestrian use. “Other power-driven mobility devices” must be permitted unless such use would fundamentally alter the entity’s programs, services or activities, create a direct threat, or create a safety hazard.

Service Animals

The regulations define a “service animal” as any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Other animals and dogs that are not trained to assist with a disability or who merely provide emotional support are excluded from this definition.

Miniature Horses

Although not included in the definition of service animals, the regulations permit the use of trained miniature horses as an alternative to dogs, where appropriate and in accordance with the assessment factors outlined in the revised regulations.

Reservations for Places of Lodging

Places of lodging must: (1) allow individuals with disabilities to make reservations for accessible guest rooms during the same hours and in the same manner as other guests; and (2) identify and describe accessible features in the hotels and guest rooms. Furthermore, places of lodging must ensure that reserved accessible guest rooms are actually available for those guests with disabilities upon their arrival.


The new regulation includes guidance on how to provide effective communication for persons with disabilities. For example, the regulation allows for use of video remote interpreting services as an auxiliary aid, if the entity complies with specified performance standards.


The regulations provide guidance on the sale of tickets for accessible seating, the sale of season tickets, the hold and release of accessible seating to non-disabled individuals, ticket pricing, prevention of the fraudulent purchase of accessible seating, and the ability to purchase multiple tickets when buying accessible seating.

“Safe Harbor” Provision

The final rule includes a “safe harbor” provision protecting facilities built or altered in compliance with the 1991 Standards for Accessible Design. Those facilities are not required to comply with the 2010 Standards until future alterations or renovations impact issues addressed by the 2010 Standards. Notably, however, the safe harbor provision does not apply to those portions of existing facilities that are subject to new accessibility requirements not covered by the 1991 Standards; rather, those features must be modified to the extent readily achievable to comply with the 2010 Standards.

You Have to See This in Therap!!!

Brand New Feature in Therap- Individual Page

I am so excited to show off this new feature in Therap!  It is a link that allows you to see at a glance all the elements for an individual’s information.  It is really a nice feature that you will want to take a look at for your agency.  If you would like any more information I or Chris Johnson will be glad to show this to you if you have any issues looking at this for your agency.

Therapville Midwest Welcomes Hazel Kincinas!

One of the real joys of doing what I do around the Midwest is the great agencies and the great people  I meet along the way.  One of those people is John Kincinas who is the PA at Garden Center Services in Burbank, IL.  Some of you know John from conferences and interaction.  He is a great guy and I am happy to announce that John is a new Father to Hazel!  She is so cute and we are all so happy for John and his wife and this new gift in their lives.  Congratulations!

Welcome- Hazel Kincinas

NAQ Conference

NAQ Conference

This week I have been demonstrating and discussing Therap to QDDP’s accross the country at the annual NAQ conference in New Orleans, LA.  We are trying to avoid the tropical storm that seems to be determined to blow into town in the next day or so and this storm has already showed some strength with some brief periods of heavy rain.  The conference has been filled with opportunities to discuss present documentation and where documentation is going as agencies seek to become more effecient, and green with the way that they do their record keeping.  It is great to see those agencies who represent at the conference who already use Therap as they point others in the right direction to improve communication, accountability, and effeciencies.

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