Training at St. Coletta’s of Illinois!

Calvin and I are here this morning training St. Coletta’s of Illinois in Tinley Park, IL. What an awesome agency! They are starting with T-Logs, Health Tracking, Wage Tracking, GERs and S-Comms. Training started at 7am and we have some great learning going on!!!

My new friend John is learning all about Therap!!

These employees are motivated and ready!!!

To learn more about St. Coletta’s of Illinois, click here.

Michelle :)

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Training at EP!C in Peoria

Calvin, Chris and I are here at EP!C in Peoria, Illinois training their awesome staff . EP!C’s go live date is scheduled for Monday, 4-14-14 and they are starting with T-Logs, GERs and SComms. This was my first opportunity to work with Calvin and he is a fantastic trainer. We hope to see you soon! Here are a couple of photos from our 7am session. To learn more about EP!C, click here

Calvin is getting ready for a busy day of training!

Our first session of the day!

Michelle :)

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Check Out These Shirts!

If Therap had a spirit competition, KCCDD would be a winner! In order to get everyone at the agency excited about Therap, the Executive Director (Mark Rudolph) had some shirts made with T-Girl. Love, Love, LOVE this!

Getting the agency excited about using Therap!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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Welcome KCCDD!

I am pleased to announce that KCCDD, located in Galesburg, Illinois is our newest Therap customer! This agency specializes in day services and employment supports. The team is highly motivated and is ready to embrace the paperless philosophy. Kudos to Mark and the entire KCCDD team! We are so happy you are on board! To learn more about KCCDD, click here.

Michelle :)

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Training at St. Coletta of Wisconsin!

St. Coletta of Wisconsin is set to go live with Therap in a few short days, so I spent some time over the past couple of weeks visiting with their staff in Wisconsin and Illinois to make sure they had a initial modules ready to go! Bob Schmidt, St. Coletta employee and Therap guru, did a great job of covering all programs starting with Therap and assuring that trainings were running smoothly. Here is a picture of one of our sessions:

It was great fun for all during our training sessions!

To learn more about St. Coletta of Wisconsin, please visit their website by clicking here.

Michelle :)

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Family Weekend at St. Coletta of Wisconsin!

What a great agency! St. Coletta of Wisconsin is located in Jefferson, Wisconsin. They started with Therap Services just recently and are already doing wonderful things! One example of this is their family weekend that occurred last weekend. Bob Schmidt, the lead for implementing Therap at St. Coletta, put a great Therap overview together to inform families about what Therap is and how it is going to benefit their loved ones. Here is a photo of what Bob put together:

What a nice way to communicate about the use of Therap during Family Weekend!

I can’t wait to see the other creative things this agency and all of our agencies will do to include family members.

Michelle :)

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Welcome Arrow Consultation Services!

Welcome to Arrow Consultation Services, based out of Carmel, Indiana. They went live yesterday with Therap! We are excited to have Elizabeth and her team on board to experience, firsthand, the benefits of an electronic documentation and communication system. This is also a huge benefit for the agency, as they are located in different parts of the state, so all of their data can be managed remotely. It is an exciting day for these folks. I look forward to hearing more from Arrow and other agencies that are reaping the benefits of Therap! Great job!!!

Michelle :)

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Training at CER of Illinois

Thursday, I had the pleasure to meet and train the DSP and Management staff at Covenant Enabling Residences.

They are a new agency with Therap and have an awesome group of employees! Here are a couple of pictures from training:

Great bunch of employees!

Welcome CER of Illinois!

Michelle :)

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Remnants of Last Week and the Week Ahead

Jordan and I had a blast with the awesome staff at Gateway Services last week. We did visit with the bellboy at the hotel. Unfortunately, the lighting did not work very well for pictures, but here is the best picture we could get.

Fred the bellboy is pretty styling!

This week entails a couple of meetings and webinars, avoiding a snowstorm in Wisconsin and Chicago and a trip to Michigan toward the end of the week.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Michelle :)

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