Security Profiles!

With the next release (which is really soon!), Therap will be introducing the Security Profile feature for simplifying the activities of users with multiple responsibilities. They will be able to manage their responsibilities with greater ease by dedicating a Profile for each responsibility. They will be able to assign a set of privileges under each Profile that defines their responsibilities. Instead of their Dashboard/FirstPage reflecting all the tasks to be carried out for each of their different responsibilities under each module at the same time, it will now function depending on the privileges assigned under the particular Profile. Users having multiple profiles can switch to different Profiles and work on the set of tasks that comes with their responsibilities. They can easily view the actions which come under each responsibility and can carry out their tasks with greater efficiency. Users may have multiple Profiles each based on their Super Roles.
A step by step guide to using the Security Profile is on the Therap website, or you can click here. Can’t wait for this great feature!
Michelle :)