How to optimize your Therap use at your agency in Ohio

Therap is pleased to invite all users in Ohio to join an upcoming webinar on “How to optimize your Therap use at your agency in Ohio”. This informative session is scheduled to be held on 19th August, 2020 at 2:00 PM (EST). Therap specialists, Milagros “Mimi” Roche and Katy Lilly will be your hosts at this event and will guide you through this comprehensive webinar so that you may effortlessly utilize Therap to complete your daily intellectual and developmental disability documentation.

Through this webinar, LTSS/HCBS providers in Ohio such as yourself, will get the opportunity to learn how to optimize the use of Therap through insightful discussions on essential topics that are focused on Ohio state. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • EVV/Sandata Interface
  • MUIs/UIRs/Incident Reports
  • NMT
  • Business Intelligence Reports 

and more!

Therap’s suite of applications provide comprehensive HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication, reporting and electronic billing solutions to intellectual and developmental disability support providers in Ohio. Ohio provider agencies utilize Therap to fulfill various documentation needs, including demographics, person-centered individual support plans, care plans and more. Therap currently offers the implementation of the Flat File Upload option in Ohio which allows providers to upload claims easily from Therap onto the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) eMBS portal.

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Informational Session for Prospective Customers in Ohio

Therap Services is delighted to invite the users of the state of Ohio to our upcoming webinar titled, Informational Session for Prospective Customers in Ohio! The session has been scheduled to be held on 6th of August, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST)

We provide HIPAA compliant, secure online software service to developmental disability provider agencies in Ohio for documentation, communication and more! Our suite of applications is made of programs that extensively covers support provided to individuals as well as programs that help an agency manage employee training/certifications and schedules. During the session, Michelle Saunders from Therap Services will review documentation solutions for Ohio providers, including MUIs, EVV/Sandata Interface, Health Tracking, Outcome/Goal Tracking and more!

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Scheduling/EVV/Sandata – How does all of this work in Ohio?

Therap is excited to announce that all users in Ohio are invited to join an upcoming webinar on Scheduling/EVV/Sandata. This online learning session is scheduled to be presented on 29th July, 2020 at 11:00 AM (EST). Therap experts, Chelsea Lloyd and Michelle Saunders, will discuss in detail how Scheduling/EVV/Sandata EVV functions in Ohio for your benefits in daily intellectual and developmental disability documentation.

Therap’s Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module assists LTSS/HCBS providers in Ohio to create and manage staff schedules (ideal for Home and Community Based Services), track staff hours, monitor individual service allocation, check-in/out for scheduled shifts and effectively utilize scheduling reports in order to easily claim submission with EVV data. The additional availability of the Sandata Aggregator Interface for Therap users in Ohio facilitates the collection of EVV data so that corresponding billing data can be processed with minimal manual intervention. Through this constructive session, you will learn how Scheduling/EVV/Sandata EVV functions in Ohio so that you may provide services to individuals with accountability and obtain quick payments for these services with accurate claims in billing.

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication, reporting and electronic billing to intellectual and developmental disability provider agencies in Ohio. Therap’s suite of applications, which include reports and audit trails, assist in managerial processes so that the quality of services provided by the Ohio state provider agencies maintain an industrial benchmark.

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Billing Overview in Ohio

Therap is delighted to invite all users in Ohio to join an upcoming webinar on Billing. This constructive online session is scheduled to be hosted on 29th July, 2020 at 2:00 PM (EST). Your hosts for this exciting event will be the adept Therap team members, Susan Allen and Michelle Saunders. Susan and Michelle will provide a comprehensive overview on Therap’s billing resources to facilitate online documentation and reporting for Electronic Billing Claims.

Therap’s Billing module has e been designed for billing administrators in Ohio so that they may effortlessly generate billing data from Direct Billing, ISP Data, EVV Billing, Case Note Billing and more! These billing tools can assist you in presenting aggregated data from the point-of-service delivery with complete information necessary for the verification of services provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Utilizing these aggregated data to generate billing reports will ensure early detection of discrepancies so that your audits may be completed successfully. As an Ohio user, you have the option to utilize Therap’s eMBS Upload feature using which you may generate eMBS Flat File reports and upload to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) eMBS portal in order to fulfill your state specific billing requirements. Join this informative webinar to learn how to utilize all these features of billing and effortlessly submit billing claims for swift payments!  

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication, reporting and electronic billing for developmental disability provider agencies in Ohio. Therap manages Specialized Claims processing in Ohio, in addition to sending claims to both Medicare and Commercial Insurance Carriers. Therap is ideal for HPC, Residential, Mental Health, EI Services, Adult Day Services and Employment Programs, providing solutions for Incident Tracking, eMAR, Goal Tracking, ISP, EHR and more.

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ISP Data Reports in Ohio

Therap is delighted to invite all users in Ohio to join an upcoming webinar on ISP Data Reports. This explanatory online session is scheduled to be presented on 21st July, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST). Therap experts, Milagros “Mimi” Roche and Katy Lilly, will be the hosts of this online event and will be there to ensure that you learn the essential features of ISP Data Reports for effortless and efficient daily LTSS documentation.

Therap’s ISP Data module enables you to collect and record data in order to track progress of an individual’s goals set in the Service/Program Plan. On the other hand, the ISP Data Reports feature will allow you to generate reports on the provided services so that service delivery and progress towards goals can be monitored. Through this webinar, you will learn to generate various ISP Data Reports such as Programmatic Reports, Clinician Reports, Data Collection Monthly Reports, Habilitation Documentation Records, and more! 

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA-compliant documentation, communication and reporting for intellectual and developmental disability provider agencies in Ohio. Therap’s suite of applications features tools that extensively cover the support provided to individuals as well as programs that assist an agency in managing employee training/certifications and schedules. 

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Ohio User Group Meeting

Come join our upcoming online User Group Meeting for Users in Ohio on March 25, 2019 at 10 am ET/ 7 am PT. Catherine and Michelle will walk you through the discussion about Provider number being listed in Provider name of Therap account.

Discussion Topics:

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) update
  • Self-Password Reset
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Upcoming Therap Events
  • Report Library Updates

About the presenters:

Catherine Hauser is a Training and Implementation Specialist at Therap. Her experience in the developmental disabilities field began in 2005 in Illinois when she became a Direct Support Person. Prior to joining Therap, she has served as chairperson to the Human Rights Committee and provided training as a DSP Course Coordinator.

Michelle Saunders is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. She has worked in the non-profit sector with agencies supporting persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health diagnosis since 1995. Michelle was instrumental in implementing Therap at her agency and also completed grant applications and led statewide training efforts for the Missouri College of Direct Support.

To know more about Ohio, you may visit the state page.

Click here to join the user group meeting.

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Ohio User Group Meeting on September 22, 2017

We are pleased to announce our Ohio user group meeting being held at Dungarvin Ohio, 6555 Busch Blvd, Suite 110, Columbus, OH 43229. Therap team members Michelle Saunders and Gretchen Falk-Lanfear will be at hand to discuss:

  • Annual Plan Discussion
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards for GER, Demographics and Data Driven Outcomes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Training Management System
  • Review of the new GER
  • Personal Finance
  • Q&A

Click here to register.

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The Past Couple of Weeks: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin (and 2500 miles!!)

I began last week traveling to the MACMHB conference in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  Fall time in Michigan is phenomenal!  Here are a couple of photos I took while there:



And here are more photos from the Grand Traverse Resort, where the conference occurred:





I then had the opportunity to attend the OPRA conference in Columbus, OH.  I talked with many providers throughout the state about solutions Therap can provide.

Headed to the conference!

Headed to the conference!

Here is Ken getting us “booth ready!”


Next I traveled to the Central Illinois DDNA conference to discuss nursing solutions with many providers in the state.  Here is a poster that our awesome Design team put together just for this conference!


Next I head to Waukesha, WI to exhibit at the WADSA conference.  I hope to see you there!  If I have not been in your area recently, give me a call!  I would be happy to stop by and visit with you about how Therap can improve efficiency at your agency!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle :)

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Need help filling out the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) tool?

Therap has a video that is hot off the press to assist you to fill out your Security Risk Assessment.  Click below to view this video:

You can also find this video on Therap’s home page.

Here is more information regarding the Security Risk Assessment from the HHS website:

A new security risk assessment (SRA) tool to help guide health care providers in small to medium sized offices conduct risk assessments of their organizations is now available from HHS.

The SRA tool is the result of a collaborative effort by the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The tool is designed to help practices conduct and document a risk assessment in a thorough, organized fashion at their own pace by allowing them to assess the information security risks in their organizations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. The application, available for downloading at produces a report that can be provided to auditors.

HIPAA requires organizations that handle protected health information to regularly review the administrative, physical and technical safeguards they have in place to protect the security of the information. By conducting these risk assessments, health care providers can uncover potential weaknesses in their security policies, processes and systems.  Risk assessments also help providers address vulnerabilities, potentially preventing health data breaches or other adverse security events. A vigorous risk assessment process supports improved security of patient health data.

Conducting a security risk assessment is a key requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule and a core requirement for providers seeking payment through the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, commonly known as the Meaningful Use Program.

“Protecting patients’ protected health information is important to all health care providers and the new tool we are releasing today will help them assess the security of their organizations,” said Karen DeSalvo, M.D., national coordinator for health information technology. “The SRA tool and its additional resources have been designed to help health care providers conduct a risk assessment to support better security for patient health data.”

“We are pleased to have collaborated with the ONC on this project,” said Susan McAndrew, deputy director of OCR’s Division of Health Information Privacy. “We believe this tool will greatly assist providers in performing a risk assessment to meet their obligations under the HIPAA Security Rule.”

The SRA tool’s website contains a User Guide and Tutorial video to help providers begin using the tool. Videos on risk analysis and contingency planning are available at the website to provide further context.

The tool is available for both Windows operating systems and iOS iPads. Download the Windows version at The iOS iPad version is available from the Apple App Store(search under “HHS SRA tool”).


Michelle :)


Call for Presentations for Therap’s 2016 National Conference!

Hello Therapites!

We are offering an opportunity to any Therap user who is interested in presenting either in a seminar/tutorial or panel discussion format. Therap users can also include surveyors, families, state caseworkers or others who are interacting with agencies using Therap. The goal of the conference is to share best practices and innovation in the use of Therap. Attendees and Presenters will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with current, new, and potential users of the system.

Some suggested topics for presentations are:

  • Getting the buy in for Therap at your agency
  • Agency Guidelines for Use – In particular agencies which can share written policy guidelines
  • The transition to paperless
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Implementing Therap as a state
  • Implementing Therap as a county
  • Working with unified individuals
  • Addressing Quality Assurance Standards
  • Quality of Documentation and Care
  • Dealing with certification and surveyors
  • Working with Families
  • Sharing data between agencies
  • Using Therap Global Library
  • Staff hiring and training issues
  • Interface with other industry systems (College of Direct Support, accounting packages, etc)
  • State specific issues
  • IT, hardware and infrastructure issues
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Using mobile devices
  • Writing policies about electronic documentation
  • Discussions on how your agency uses specific modules

You may submit your presentation proposal dealing with any of the topics listed above or any other area that addresses your experiences with the Therap System.

Your proposal should include the following information:

  1. Contact information for presenters including: names, academic degrees, titles, affiliations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (e-mail correspondence is preferred). Please list only the names of presentation authors who will be speaking at the conference.
  2. Please describe the presentation format. Please be advised that due to time and space limitations, Therap Services, LLC reserves the right to determine the length and format of each session.
  3. Title of your presentation

Abstract/Session Description:

  1. Include a 1 paragraph abstract of the proposed conference presentation.
  2. Provide a concise 1 – 2 sentence session description that may be used in our conference brochure and schedule.

Deadline and Acknowledgment of Submissions:

Please submit your abstract with cover sheet soon to for consideration. Notification of acceptance will be provided via phone or e-mail.

Note: We have an early decision deadline of August 15, 2015. Presenters will receive a complimentary conference registration. Agencies may submit multiple individuals and may receive multiple complimentary registrations.

For more information, please contact us

2016 National Conference Details & Registration

Thank you,
Justin Brockie
Chief Operating Officer
Therap Services, LLC.

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