Another Smooth Transition From Paper to Therap!

I sent a note to check in on an agency that went live with Therap on September first. Allison Cary at Snug Harbor Home Health has been an awesome driving force to get Therap started at her agency. This is what she had to say about her first few days transitioning from paper to Therap. This response made me smile:

“We had 5 houses start on 9/1 and I did not receive a single call. I called homes on the 2nd just to see if they were ok. We now have 11 homes going and so far so good and not a single password reset.”

It is only the 4th of the month and things are moving along at light speed at this wonderful new agency in Indiana! We look forward to hearing more success stories of the transition from paper to Therap! Thanks for sharing this information Allison!

Michelle :)

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Welcome to Judevine Center in STL

I am happy to announce that Judevine Center for Autism has partnered with Therap for their documentation needs.  The agency is looking to quickly get up and running in the system and have their staff trained so they can start realizing the efficiencies that Therap provides an agency.  Rebecca Blackwell is the director of Judevine Center and you can find out more about Judevine at

If you or your agency would like to find out what Judevine Center has discovered contact us and I will be glad to show you the difference Therap can make at your agency.

Welcome to Therap Midwest Judevine Center for Autism!  We hope to see you and many others at the upcoming KC Conference on May 7-8 in KC.

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