Have You Seen the Enhancement to the ISP Report?

In our release last week, there was a pretty awesome addition to the ISP reporting capabilities.  If you have not seen it, I would recommend that you check it out!  You now have the ability to show a progress dropdown box (with newly added options!) for each ISP Program when you are completing your report:

(Click on each image to enlarge)

dropdown boxYou also have a comments section after each ISP program as well



If you are interested in doing this for your reports, you will go into the Report screen and check off, “Add progress and comment per ISP Program.”



I believe this will greatly assist agencies when completing their monthly/quarterly/semi annual reports.  Check this new feature out and let us know what you think!



Michelle :)

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Therap Release 2013.2 is coming soon!

In July, Therap will release many new items and some enhancements to current modules. Click here to access the release notes.

If you want to get into the Beta site and play around with some of the new features, you can here

You may use the login credentials that you use to get into Therap applications, but you will be logging into a Testing site where the data entered will be deleted periodically. When you are done testing, you must logout of the Testing system and then return to the real Therap applications using the Secure Login button on our website at www.TherapServices.net.

Have fun and let us know what you think!

Michelle :)

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Therap 2013.0 will be here in 1 Week!

Therap’s first release of the new year will be here in one week! Here is a quick overview of what will be included in this release:

Medication History
CCHIT Updates: Order module/Medication Profile
Individual Home
General Updates
Enhancements to the Therap Password Android Application
Multi Providers
Updates for Users in New York: Form IRMA/Form OPWDD 148
Referral – For Users of Nebraska and North Dakota

To view the full release notes, click here

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Release Notes for Therap 2012.3

A new release is on its way! Here is the quick overview of what is new and what is being updated in this release:

Multi-Individual Event New!
Personal Focus Worksheet New!
Overall Service Plan (OSP) New!
Mobile Applications New!
* Change Password
CCHIT Specific Modules New!
* Document Storage
* Consent and Authorization
* Order
* C32 Document
Individual History – CCHIT Specific Updates
ISP Program
Individual Support Plan (Oregon ISP)
Individual Budgeting (IB)
Medication History
Medication Administration Record (MAR)
Allergy Profile
General Updates
General Event Reports (GER) – For Users in Florida
* Florida APD Medication Error Report
* Updates in Notification Section
Form IRMA – For Users in New York
IDF Extension – For Users in New York
Referral – For Users in North Dakota and Nebraska

I am super excited to see all of the CCHIT additions to the system, including document storage and consent and authorizations.

If you want to read the full list of information on the release, click here.

Also, remember that First Page will be going away and will be completely replaced with the Dashboard. I am sure this may be causing some anxiety for some. I was a First Page Loyal too until about 6 months ago. I started using Dashboard and realized how much easier it is to navigate through the applications. If you have not tried Dashboard, give it a chance and get used to it! You will like it more!

Michelle :)

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