Winter Storm and Therap

The snow continues to fall across the region today as schools, business, churches, and countless other activities are brought to a halt.  Here in KC it looks like it will be a couple of days before things get back to normal as many will scramble to clear roads, drives, and sidewalks.  It is in these times that I am reminded once again of the value of Therap as people are able to stay up to date and current with what is taking place across an agency by simply logging into the system.  I hope you all stay safe today and take advantage of logging in and catching up on whatever needs to be addressed.

Snowfall in KC brings thing to a halt.

Therap National Conference Airport Transportation

Hello fellow Therapites! To assist in assuring you’re in the right spot to catch the bus tomorrow (Monday, January 27th) we’ve taken some photos of the meeting spots at both terminals B & C. First things first! Here is the awesome bus you’ll be looking for :



There will be a Therap logo on the door and windshield





Southwest and Delta Passengers meet at gate 45 (Terminal B)



For Southwest and Delta passengers look for parking tower 2 outside of gate 45

If you are arriving on a United, US Airways, America, Frontier or any other airline in Terminal C you will be meeting in front of the US Airways bag claim area. You’ll want to look for this sign outside:

Anyone landing in Terminal C (US Airways, American, United, Frontier) will meet outside of gate 81

The bus will be parked across from the above pictured sign here:

Bus outside of Terminal C

To download the bus schedule please click here:

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Case (816-522-3683) or Chris Johnson (816-520-5533) with any questions. Their numbers are also listed on the above posted bus schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing you all and having a great week!!


Need Transportation From the MCI Airport?

We will be providing bus transportation to Therap travelers on Monday and back to the airport on Thursday.  We are still working out details and times for dropoffs and pickups so be sure and come back to this blog as the National Conference approaches for details.

We are tentatively planning on pickups at MCI on Monday at 2:30pm; 4:30; 6:30; and 8:30.  These times are tentative and subject to change so stay tuned.  We will also have a phone number for Monday travel so you can contact for more details.

If you want to elect for another options there are taxis and Super Shuttle runs from MCI to the airport if you want to book with them in advance it is recommended.  The Super Shuttle number is (800) BLUE VAN (800-258-3826).

More details later this week!  See you soon.


Coming to KC???

We certainly look forward to having people from all over coming to the National Conference in a few weeks in KCMO.  If you have not been to KC or you are wanting to get a feel for some of the things you might include into your trip to the heartland, the Paris of the Plaines, take a look at this site that offers quite a bit of insight.

See you in a few weeks!

BYOD to the Therap Conference in a few weeks!

Therap’s National Conference is just around the corner. Remember to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) so you can practice and follow along during the sessions. Not registered yet for the conference? Click here for more information and to register.

See you in Kansas City!

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Can you afford a HIPAA violation?

Does your agency have an extra $50,000 to spare to pay for HIPAA violation fines? If not, then you will want to read this article. The responsible agency was a small agency in Idaho and the fines were associated with the theft of a laptop from an employee’s vehicle: More here

Please call Therap today to discuss ways that you can minimize the possibility of this happening at your agency.

Michelle :)

NAQ Conference in Chicago

The NAQ (National Association of QDDPs) conference has been a great opportunity to network with some experts in the DD field. There are close to 500 people attending this conference from all over the United States. The conference is being held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago. I have had the pleasure to catch up with many agencies that use and LOVE Therap. I have also been able to explore the paperless world with other agencies. It has been a great time. If you are not familiar with NAQ, read more here:

Listening to one of the awesome keynote speakers!

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Therap Midwest Welcomes Jordan Mar to the Team!!!

Welcome to the Team

Here is a little Bio from Jordan…

I graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School in 2007. While there I was on the dance team, student council, a student ambassador, the youth leadership academy, and part of a program calling Pershing Pals where I spent my lunch hour twice a week with an elementary school student who needed some extra support. I then moved to Utah where I began working for a school for kids with special needs called Dan Peterson. I was in a classroom with teenage students who had communication barriers which often led to challenging behaviors. While at Dan Peterson I also worked for Rise doing in home support for children and adults with special needs who were in a family setting. I also helped run a summer program for Rise and did respite care on the weekends.

I moved back to Nebraska in September of 2009 and began pursuing a degree in education at the University of Nebraska. While attending the University I also worked in the public schools as an early childhood special education paraprofessional working mainly with 3-5 year old’s who had Autism or another developmental delays. After working back in the schools for a year and a half I took the opportunity to participate in the Management Training Program through Developmental Services of Nebraska. I assisted with two group homes in Nebraska. One was a home for young boys with Autism and the other was a home for men who were considered to be high risk to the community. After completion of the program I moved to Kansas City, Missouri where I was the Residential Supervisor for five homes in the Kansas City area. I am currently working on completing my degree in Early Childhood Education through the distance education program provided by the University of Nebraska.

Training You need to Check Out!




We have been going through and updating our Automated Training over the last few months.

If you haven’t looked at it recently, you really should go and take a look at what we have in this area of training.

Click here for a list of sessions

Let us know what you think of this and how you might use this for your agency.

Minnesota Conference-Opportunity up North

October is officially here and just around the corner is our Minnesota conference in Burnsville.  The conference will take place October 25-26th.  Simply click on the link and follow to get more information or to get signed up for this event…

This will be a great opportunity for agencies to take additional steps toward becoming a paperless provider.  We will have several Therap staff available if you need to sit down and talk specifics about your agency and documentation questions you might have in consideration of Therap.  We will also go over the updated changes and items in the system your agency needs to consider in going forward.

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