Have you checked out Therap’s Training Academy?

If you have not looked into Therap’s Training Academy yet, you definitely should!


  • On demand training from Therap instructors
  • Quizzes to test competency and retention
  • Earn certificates upon completion

Here is a little more information regarding the Training Academy:

How long do courses take to complete?

* The average introductory course may take 10-30 minutes, and advanced courses take longer.

How do I enroll my staff?

* Staff can either enroll themselves by simply clicking on any course to take it. They will be prompted to set up their own account. Or, if you have a Training Manager Account you can setup their accounts from there either manually or via an excel upload. You can view more details about that in our Training Academy Manager course.

How do I enroll as a Training Manager?

*Users with Training Manager Accounts for their agency can do all of that and run great reports on training. To obtain a training manager account you’ll need a provider        administrator at your agency, if not you, to send a request via email toacademy@therapservices.net.It will need to include the full names of staff that need manager accounts, their email addresses, and agency provider code.

Therap’s Training Academy is included with your subscription to Therap, so click here for more information and to get started!

Michelle :)