Therap is a member of WALA!

Therap has the pleasure to have become a member of WALA: The Wisconsin Assisted Living Association. See below for the Mission, Vision and Values statements or read more about WALA here:


To see assisted living become the venue of choice for individuals who need some care but want to maintain as much independence as possible.


WALA is the premier assisted living association in Wisconsin. WALA promotes standards of quality care, and provides valuable member services to organizations providing assisted living services to older adults. Membership in this organization is indispensable.


WALA subscribes to a ten-point philosophy of care. We believe that every provider should be:

1. Offering cost-effective quality care that is personalized for individual needs
2. Fostering independence for each resident
3. Treating each resident with dignity and respect
4. Promoting the individuality of each resident
5. Allowing each resident choice of care and lifestyle
6. Protecting each resident’s right to privacy
7. Nurturing the spirit of each resident
8. Involving family and friends, as appropriate, in care planning and implementation
9. Providing a safe, residential environment
10. Making the assisted living residence a valuable community asset

Therap is very excited to be a member of WALA. If you have not already done so, check out this awesome association!

Michelle :)

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The last few weeks

Hello Everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts! The last few weeks have been quite busy! Chris and I were in St. Louis training the great staff at Bridges Community Support Services for a few days at the end of February.

Bridges Community Support Services

The morning started off quite interesting with Theresa setting off the alarm to the building, but all of that was taken care of and Chris and I were able to train even with the ringing in our ears :) We also ate at a fantastic little Thai Restaurant that I would highly suggest to anyone in the area called “Pearl Cafe”. Thanks for all of the help Theresa!

Chris & Theresa

After St. Louis I spent some time with another fellow trainer Stephen Flanigan in New York. We spent the week training with Heritage Christian Services.

Heritage Christian Services

We received a very warm welcome complete with Therap colored balloons and a TON of great food and snacks every time we turned around

Heritage Christian Services

Thanks especially to Liz for being such a great host!!  Since it was my first time to Buffalo (and Rochester) Stephen was kind enough to take me to Niagara Falls after training one evening. Thanks to daylight savings it was still light out when we got there and we walked around the falls until dark. Thanks Stephen

Niagara Falls!

Me at Niagara Falls for the first time!

Lastly! I spent a few days last week in the Wisconsin Dells at the fabulous Kalahari Resort for the Rockin WALA Conference! I chatted with a lot of really great providers. The Dells looked like they would be quite fun to go to in the summer time, although I feel I lucked out with a 75 degree week in Wisconsin in March! I look forward to visit again sometime soon to do some on site training :) Hope everyone has had a fabulous March, I personally can’t believe it’s almost over!

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