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Therap’s Plenary Session at 23rd AFID Conference, 2017

Therap was the technology partner and one of the sponsors of the 23rd AFID Conference that took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference was held from November 19, 2017 to November 23, 2017 at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre.

The conference started off with inauguration from the President of Bangladesh Abdul Hamid on November 19, 2017. On November 21, 2017, the Plenary Session – Education and Health was started off by the Therap team. Prattay Iqbal (International Business Development Executive) and Tanvir Wares Khan (Senior Software Engineer) gave a presentation regarding  improving  quality of services provided to people with disabilities by using Digital Documentation. Prattay Iqbal talked about why digital documentation is important in the disability sector and the benefits of using an electronic documentation software like Therap.  He also talked about the various modules/features of Therap and how users are benefitting by using these features in their day to day documentation. Tanvir Wares Khan talked about why an user’s data in Therap is  secure and how the infrastructure of Therap help users quickly deploy Therap, access the software from anywhere and helps them save large upfront costs.  He also explained why Therap is the best option for concurrent usage.

The conference attendees from different countries of Asia showed interest in using Therap after attending the presentation given by the Therap team.

To know more about our work in Asia, feel free to visit our website www.therapasia.net.

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Therap Team Visiting SWID Bangladesh

Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled (SWID) Bangladesh has been working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities since 1977. Being one of the pioneer organizations in disability fields in the country, SWID Bangladesh has now over 350 special schools all over Bangladesh, under its umbrella.

The collaboration between Therap Services and SWID Bangladesh has come a long way since 2015. SWID Bangladesh is hosting the upcoming 23rd Conference of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID), while Therap Services is the Technology Partner and Sponsor of the conference. The conference is scheduled to be held from 18 to 24 November in Dhaka, Bangladesh and both parties are taking extensive preparations to organize the event successfully. Since the affiliation, 7 branches of SWID schools in Dhaka and SWID Branch in Chittagong have been implementing Therap for their day-to-day documentation.

In order to take this collaboration to the next step, Therap Team comprising of senior officials from USA visited their head office on April 17, 2017. Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun, Secretary General of SWID Bangladesh, also the elected President of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID) welcomed Therap personnels, Jeff Case, Director of Business Development, Maureen Noonan, Director of Global Customer Support, Calvin Christensen and Ebony Johnson, Training Implementation Specialists along with Therap Asia Team, led by Faisal Iqbal, Assistant Director of Training & Implementation. Therap Team had a short discussion session with the teachers and support staff of SWID Laboratory Model School regarding the issues faced while using Therap and also discussed the difficulties and challenges related to the disability industry in Bangladesh.

Later on, they discussed on how to assist SWID Bangladesh to further improve their quality of services by implementing Therap in all the branches of SWID throughout the country in an even more efficient way. Therap Team was delighted to visit different classrooms of the school and interact with the individuals. It was great to know the benefits the school is really getting out of using an advanced yet simple online documentation software such as Therap.

To know more about Therap in Asia, feel free to visit at our website www.therapasia.net.

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www.therapasia.net – Official Website for Therap Users in Asia

Therap has been expanding in Asia for more than a year now. More than 40 organizations and special schools are using Therap for their day to day documentation and progress tracking. To make things enhanced for the users, Therap has launched a website for Asia – www.therapasia.net.


If you are a Therap user from Asia, this is the place for you to have any kind of assistance. The website contains all the information regarding TherapAsia. From support materials to blogs on activities in Asia – you can get all updates in one place.


Therap has been constantly modifying the website with updated stuffs. Support materials such as Training videos and User Guides are currently available in English and Bangla. Therap is looking to prepare all the materials in other languages such as Sinhala, Tamil, Nepalese, Indonesian etc., according to the preferences of users of Therap in Asia.


To know more about Therap in Asia, feel free to have a go at our website www.therapasia.net.

Therap meets Ms. Sabita Upreti (SSDRC, Nepal) in Bangladesh

Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center (SSDRC) has been one of the leading organizations working with Autistic children in Nepal. Ms. Sabita Upreti, Founder/ Chief Executive Director of SSDRC recently visited Bangladesh. During her stay in Dhaka, the Therap Asia team met up with her. The Therap Asia team had a very fruitful discussion session with Ms. Sabita regarding her use of Therap software and also her visit to Bangladesh.


Therap introduced Ms. Sabita to Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun, President of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID) and Secretary General of SWID Bangladesh. They had an informative conversation and talked about their respective experiences of working in the disability sector in Nepal and Bangladesh. Mr. Mamun invited Ms. Sabita to attend the 23rd Conference of AFID, which is going to take place on November 18-24, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and will be hosted by SWID Bangladesh. Before leaving Dhaka, Ms. Sabita presented a token of love from SSDRC to Therap and to Mr. Mamun each.


To know more about Therap in Asia, visit www.therapasia.net.

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afid23.org – Official website for the 23rd AFID Conference 2017

As the Technology Partner for 23rd Conference of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID), Therap has been involved with the design and maintenance of the official website of the conference: http://afid23.org/.


With the beginning of the new year 2017, a countdown clock has been placed on the homepage.  The countdown clock will be counting down to the start of the event. The afid23 website also contains the announcements and notices regarding the conference. Hosted by SWID Bangladesh, the conference will take place from November 18 to 24, 2017 at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


SWID Bangladesh, with its partners and well-wishers, is arranging meetings at regular intervals. 2nd Organizing Committee Meeting of the 23rd AFID Conference is scheduled to be held on January 14, 2017 at the SWID Bangladesh compound. People working in the Disability industry from all over the country are expected to attend the meeting. Therap is delighted to be a part of this conference as well.


All the latest information regarding Organizing Committee Meeting, Executive Board Meeting etc. are updated in the official website by Therap. The website has an extensive gallery with event photos and videos provided by SWID Bangladesh. Feel free to have a go at the official website for 23rd Conference of AFID here: http://afid23.org/


To know more about Therap in Asia, visit www.therapasia.net

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Bangladesh to Host 23rd AFID Conference in 2017

Handing Over

Mrs. Nandhini Wijayaratnam, Immediate past president of AFID hands over the flag to newly elected president of AFID, Mr. Jawaharul Islam Mamun from Bangladesh.

The 23rd chapter of the AFID Conference will be hosted by Bangladesh in 2017. It was decided in the board meeting during closing ceremony of The 22nd Conference on Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities. According to the decisions of the meeting Mr. Jawaharul Islam Mamun became the newly elected president of AFID, and Mr. Sachida Nand Shrivastava from Nepal became 1st Vice President. Mr. Mamun led the Bangladeshi Delegation to 22nd AFID Conference. He is currently serving as the president of Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled, Bangladesh. SWID Bangladesh started its journey in 1977, and has been a pioneer in advocating for the rights of persons with Intellectual Disabilities. We would like to congratulate Mr. Mamun, on becoming the president of AFID. Therap Services is looking forward to the 23rd AFID conference to be held in Bangladesh.

With Mr. mamun

Faisal and Andalib with Mr. Jawaharul Islam Mamun, President, AFID

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