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Therap Team Visiting Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF)

Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF) has been working since 2004 with a view to bringing the autistic children to the mainstream of life and making their life meaningful by providing them suitable and proper training. AWF has been using Therap since 2016 in order to improve the quality of services towards their students. Recently, Therap team had a delightful visit at AWF on April 16, 2017.

On this occasion, the Therap team comprising of Maureen Noonan, Director of Global Customer Support, Calvin Christensen, Training & Implementation Specialist, Malisa Mahjabeen, Senior Training & Implementation Specialist and Ashiqur Rahman, Training & Implementation Specialist- had a wonderful discussion with Dr. Rownak Hafiz, Chairperson of AWF. They discussed about how AWF started their journey back in 2004, what problems they faced and by overcoming the initial problems, how they came to the position they are in today. Dr. Rownak also expressed her excitement about moving to their own campus next year, where they are planning to accommodate more students with additional facilities.

Later on, Therap Team got the opportunity to visit different classrooms of the school and interact with the individuals. Therap Team had a chance to meet with one of their students, who was awarded by the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Adiba Ibnat Poshla, for being a successful Individual with ASD to overcome Autism, on the occasion of 10th World Autism Awareness Day, 2017. Most of the students in AWF started with severe conditions and it is a unique experience for the teachers and support staff of AWF to observe the progress of these students over the years.

Therap is committed to work with such dedicated organizations working in the disability fields and is looking forward to being a part in improving the quality of services provided by these organizations through Online Documentation Software, Therap.

To know more about Therap in Asia, feel free to have a go at our website www.therapasia.net.

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First Ever Therap Conference on “Improve Quality of Service for Persons with Disabilities Using Digital Documentation” in Bangladesh

Therap Asia successfully conducted their first National Conference in Bangladesh on April 20, 2017 at the RAOWA Convention Hall. With the motto of ‘Improve Quality of Service for Persons with Disabilities Using Digital Documentation’, the conference was attended by several disability organizations across the country, who have been working to better serve disabled individuals with the help of the online documentation software, Therap.

Maj. Gen. (Retd.) M. Shamim Chowdhury, Head of HR and Vital Assets of Therap (BD) Ltd., inaugurated the conference and expressed his gratitude to the attendees for their enormous dedication towards persons with disabilities (PWD). Richard Robbins, CEO of Therap Services, shared his vision for Asia and ensured continuous support for all qualified disability organizations across South-East Asian region.

On this occasion, Jeff Case, Director of Business Development of Therap along with Maureen Noonan, Director of Global Customer Support, Therap exchanged their views on this industry and how Therap can really enhance the quality of services for the disability organizations here in Bangladesh.

Later on, Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun, General Secretary of SWID Bangladesh and President of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID) and Dr. Shamim Ferdous, Executive Director of Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation spoke on the overall scenario of the disability community in Bangladesh and how they are planning to utilize Therap to provide top notch support for the individuals receiving services from their respective organizations.

Being the national leader in the disability field in USA since 2003, experts and professionals working with Persons with Disabilities shared their knowledge and experience of more than 25 years during the conference. Originally starting career as support staff, Therap personnel Calvin Christensen and Ebony Johnson attended the conference and interacted with the users from Bangladesh to discuss some issues faced in the US for the last 15 years and also, how Therap helped them to overcome those issues. More than 200 people joined the Therap Conference, comprising of teachers, parents and senior management from organizations.

Therap is committed to make an impact on the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) by working with disability organizations throughout the world and by providing them necessary tools such as Therap software, so that they can easily improve their quality of services with better documentation. Therap Asia looks forward to having more conferences/workshops in Bangladesh.

To know more about our work in Asia, feel free to visit our website www.therapasia.net.


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Therap is Expanding Throughout Bangladesh


Therap has been working with the organizations providing services to the PWDs (Persons with Disabilities). Many renowned organizations like SWID Bangladesh, Beautiful Mind School, Smiling Children Special School have joined hands with Therap for almost a year now. As part of this venture, Therap has been collaborating with a number of organizations within a span of couple of months.

Organizations such as Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF), SEID Trust, Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC), Alokito Shishu International Standard School are using Therap for months now, whereas others like Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF), Tauri Foundation, Angels Care Foundation, Assistance for Blind Children, Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID), Society for Rehabilitation of Autistic Children (SRAC), Hope for Fly – have started implementing Therap in their day-to-day documentation.

To know more about Therap in Asia, visit www.therapasia.net

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