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Training at a government institution in Sri Lanka

Therap conducts another training session at a government institute in Sri Lanka. The training was administered by Malisa Mahjabeen in the facility of the government institution with the staff and teachers receiving the training.  The government of Sri Lanka is providing services to persons with Intellectual Disabilities through different institutions and organizations. The institute which received training from Therap, already started using Therap for their documentation purposes.

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Andalib and Malisa at a government institute

Andalib and Malisa at a government institute

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Exhibition organized by Sisters of Charity in Colombo

On our last day of the visit, we made a stop at an exhibition organized by the Sisters of Charity. All the organizations under Sisters of Charity attended the exhibition. Different forms of arts and crafts were on display for sale. We were amazed by the level of skill displayed by the persons with Intellectual Disabilities. As Christmas is just around the corner, there were decoratives for the occasion. We were pleased to exchange pleasantries with the members of the Sisters of Charity.

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Therap to visit Sri Lanka


Faisal Iqbal, Assistant Manager of Training and Implementation and Andalib Kabir, International Business Development Executive of Therap are going to visit Sri Lanka from 13 November 2015. During this visit, we are going to institutes in Galle and Colombo of Sri Lanka. Last time, we went to Sri Lanka to attend the 22nd Conference on Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID). During that visit we met several interested institutes in Sri Lanka who are willing to use Therap. During this visit we will focus on visiting those institutes, and provide them with a demonstration of the software.

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