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Therap Training Continues in Sri Lanka

Therap visited Colombo on the last week of October, 2016. Prattay Iqbal from International Business Development visited special schools and agencies in Colombo who already signed up with Therap. On site training were given to the teachers and administrators of Daya Mina, Supem Uyana, Meth Mihira, The School for Blind, Child Guidance Center and Victory Special School in Colombo. MENCAFEP from Nuwera Eliya have been attending online training with Therap for a while and this time other schools were also willing to arrange remote training sessions.

We visited various other special schools in Colombo as well. Most of them will start implementing Therap from 2017.

To know more about Therap Asia visit www.therapasia.net

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Snaps from a government institute in Sri Lanka

Here are some snaps from a government institute in Sri Lanka, which is providing service to persons with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities.

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