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Therap Team Visits Navjyoti Centre, April 2018

As an aim to providing services to the children with special needs and making them self reliant, Navjyoti Centre has been working actively in the disability industry for many years.

Therap team is delighted to visit Navjyoti Centre yet again on April 12, 2018 with Therap USA Personnel Michelle Saunders, Business Development Consultant, Joshua Corzantes, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist, Ishya “Shae” Dotson, State Implementation Specialist, Fayonne Johnson, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist along with Prattay Iqbal, International Business Development Executive and other Quality Assurance professionals from Therap Bangladesh team.

Lisa Perekkatt, SCN, Navjyoti Centre welcomed Therap team warmly. Therap team got the opportunity to meet a team from Belgium there who had been jointly working with Navjyoti Centre on a skill development program which includes special educators as well as children with special needs of Navjyoti Centre. Being the global leader in electronic documentation, Therap team let the Belgium team know about Therap and the products and services provided by Therap. Belgium team was glad to hear about Therap and also shared their experiences with Therap team about their activities and projects that they are working on for the development of the disability industry.

Later on, Therap team visited the classrooms of Navjyoti Centre and had the opportunity to interact with the teachers and got to know how they are using Therap software for their daily documentation purpose. Therap team also had the opportunity to see the beautiful handicrafts products made by the special children of Navjyoti Centre which impressed the Therap team.

At the end, Therap team expresses thankfulness to the authority of Navjyoti Centre for inviting Therap team to visit Navjyoti Centre again and wishes to continue working collaboratively with them in future also.

To know more about our work in Asia, please visit www.TherapAsia.net

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Therap Team Visiting Navjyoti Centre, Nepal

Therap Team has recently visited one of the most prominent disability organizations of Nepal named Navjyoti Centre. It is a daycare, situated at Baluwatar, Kathmandu, providing services to children with special needs. Based on their ability, the intellectually disabled students are given special education and vocational training at the facility.

The Therap Team, led by Richard Robbins, CEO of Therap Services and comprised of Senior Therap Officials including Jeff Case, Director of Business Development along with Maureen Noonan, Director of Global Customer Support, met with Sister Lisa Perekkatt, SCN, Principal of Navjyoti Centre and other support staff of the facility. Sister Lisa discussed about documentation specific issues faced by Navjyoti Centre since its establishment and expressed to overcome those with the help of Therap, an advanced yet simple online documentation software.

Later on, Calvin Christensen and Ebony Johnson, Training and Implementation Specialists of Therap demonstrated some Therap modules suitable for Navjyoti Centre and shared their experience on using Therap when they used to provide services to persons with disabilities (PWD). They had a short discussion with the caregivers of the school regarding the issues faced using Therap and also mentioned the difficulties and challenges related to the disability industry.

To know more about our work in Asia, feel free to have a go at our website www.therapasia.net.

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In-person Training for the Therap Users in Nepal

Therap completed another visit to Nepal. This visit was mainly focused on user training sessions.  Therap organized training sessions with users from Navjyoti Centre, SERC School, Resource and Family Counselling school for Intellectually Disabled and Special School For Disabled & Rehabilitation Center (SSDRC).

Therap works consistently to improve the quality of services provided to the People with Disabilities (PWD), and is delighted to be a part of the efforts from different disability organizations. With Therap software, the users are ensuring Transparency and Accountability in their organizations. It is easier to enter data using Therap through Android or iOS devices, making the lives of the users much easier. The teachers and office staff from different disability organizations were very enthusiastic about using such a user friendly online software.

During the visit, several organizations have registered to use Therap as well and they are expecting to start implementation as soon as possible.

To know more about Therap in Asia visit www.therapasia.net


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