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The Joys of Testing

So, Business Intelligence will be coming soon, just not quite as soon as we hoped! As usual, we have been putting our next release through some rigorous testing.  As a result of this, we have found an issue that we are not completely comfortable with and so we are delaying the BI portion to a later date. It won't be long, and it will be well worth the wait. :: Justin ::

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Coming Soon :: Therap Business Intelligence

I'm very excited to announce that with our upcoming release (Therap 2016.1.6 - details here) will include our first production release of Therap Business Intelligence. This is a very powerful tool, based on Oracle Business Intelligence that allows the mining of massive amounts of data and the presentation of intuitive graphical dashboards. As always, with our iterative approach to development, this release will contain some initial dashboards (demographics and General Event Reports to start with), but we have plans for many more things to come.  Of course, those of you getting on board now will be able to take advantage of some very advantageous early adopter pricing. Business Intelligence (BI) works with both Oversight and singer provider accounts and gives [...]

Have you signed up for Therap’s National Conference?

We have a whole host of new things lined up for you at our National Conference which is only six weeks away now. A couple of things that I am excited about are: Our Mobile App We are using an app called Whova to give you access to the conference on your mobile device.  You'll have access to the latest schedule, be able to mark which sessions you want to go to, interact with Therap staff and other attendees as well as discuss any of the sessions. Once you have signed up for the conference, got got here to be set up in the app: https://www.therapservices.net/therap-national-conference-2017/request-add-national-conference-event-whova/   Workshops We are also adding a number of workshops in addition to the [...]

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Day 2 at the Rehab International World Congress

Another great day at the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today was my turn to present, taking about Therap's approach and the impact it has on people and their circle of support. The format was a new one for me.  Four presentations were grouped together with each presenter talking and then a time for questions.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I actually really liked it.  I think it helped have more people in the session for all of us and the other presentations were very cool. Making gait analysis quicker, cheaper, and more affordable. Parent and self advocacy in South Korea Crowd sourcing wheelchair design and manufacture: I love the description of a wheelchair as "wearable [...]

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Tuesday at the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland

This week I am attending the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland (I might also stop in to see some friends, family, and the famous Heart of Midlothian!). The conference got off to a very illustrious start with speeches from Princess Anne and Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon among others. I'm already meeting a bunch of fascinating folks from all over the world and looking forward to presenting on what Therap does tomorrow. :: Justin ::  

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Internet Access Issues on October 21st

A lot of you (our current estimate is about 30%) may have had problems reaching Therap today. At no time during the day was Therap down.  There have been thousands of people logged in all day long. However, a service called Dyn which we (and many other major sites like Twitter and Reddit) use for directing web traffic was down due to a DDOS attack.   This meant that when you typed www.TherapServices.net into your browser, there was nowhere available to tell your browser where to look to find our website or application. Here are a couple of links on what happened: Dyn Status Page NPR: What's up with the internet today? If you have any questions, please get in touch. [...]

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A much better day at the office – and a great day in Western New York

We have now fixed the issue that was impacting the system over the past couple of days and since releasing the fix, everything has been running smoothly. I have again been reminded of what a great community of people we work with.  While many folks have understandably voiced their frustration, I have been amazed and humbled at how many of our users have sent messages of encouragement and support.  We really appreciate the feedback and it inspires us to continue to improve and enhance our services for you. Meanwhile, Jeff Case and I have been visiting with folks out here in Western New York.  There have been some great discussions about our upcoming connection to HealthyLink, the pharmacy interface, and [...]

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Update on System Issues

Unfortunately today has continued some of the difficulties that we were seeing yesterday. We have been working really hard to address the issues and believe we have narrowed it down.  For this reason, we have temporarily disabled GERs while we work on finding a final solution.  This allows you to continue to do nearly all of what you need to do as we work. We aren't happy with this situation, but sometimes it really shows how difficult what we do is. At this time all I can do is apologize for the aggravation that I know this is causing you and assure you that we are doing all we can to get back to the stability you expect and deserve. [...]

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A Rough Day in Therapville

As you have probably been experiencing, things have not been running very smoothly today with our application. This would appear to have something to do with our release this past weekend, hence the reason for temporarily disabling T-Logs. We are working hard to diagnose and fix the issues. We appreciate your patience and truly regret the inconvenience and annoyance that instability causes. I'll update you when I have more concrete news. :: Justin :: UPDATE: 8:00pm Eastern: We have re-enabled T-Logs, things are looking good, but we are watching very closely. UPDATE: 8:20pm Eastern: Unfortunately that didn't work and we need to take T-Logs down again.

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BridgeGateHealth’s Clinical Exchange Platform Implemented to Allow for the Transformation and Exchange of Clinical Data from Therap to HIEs

WATERBURY, CT / JACKSONVILLE, FL (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 01, 2016 Therap Services, the industry leader in providing electronic records and documentation in long-term care services for people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, has partnered with VorroHealth to facilitate the acquisition, transformation, and delivery of patient care data across Therap’s client base. VorroHealth will implement a clinical exchange platform – BridgeGate Health™ - to allow for the transformation and exchange of clinical data from Therap to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) throughout the country to facilitate optimized coordinated care. Therap’s initial connections will include:     Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) with more than 1,200 participating hospitals, clinics & other health care related facilities.     HealtheLink, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for the eight counties [...]

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Filming at Charles Lea Center, Spartanburg, South Carolina

We spent a great day today filming a video with the very fine folks at The Charles Lea Center.  We are focusing especially on how they use technology (especially Therap and Simply Home) to help folks become more independent within their communities. They have this great setup called "Easy Street"  where they have all sorts of home (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) and community (bank, fast food, doctor, dentist, van, streets) setups that people can explore and get used to. I'm really excited to see how the video comes out. :: Justin ::     

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Coming Soon :: Case Note Enhancements :: Templates and Questionnaires

I am really excited about this update, it brings a lot of the functionality we've been thinking about when we first came up with Case Notes. There are basically two parts to it: Templates and Questionnaires. Templates The template feature allows you to define your own case notes with the following options: Define your time entry type (duration or in/out) Define your own activities Define your own locations Select a Questionnaire to include with the Case Note You can now have multiple types of Case Note in which case the user will select the one they want to complete. Questionnaires Questionnaires are a new tool that we have developed as a plug-in to other modules.  You can read about them [...]

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Therap Updates for July 2016

Things are continuing to move ahead here at Therap.  We have a lot of work going on in the background to bring you a better, faster, and even more reliable system.  We appreciate that there have been a number of longer downtimes recently.  These are all part of this major upgrade process.  Once complete we should go back to a more regular schedule. Some of those changes also require updates to the application, which, along with some other planned updates will be released in two phases during July 2016. All of these dates and the functionality proposed is accurate at the time of writing, but subject to change as we continue rigorous testing. Release 2016.2.5 Projected for: 7/17/2016 Estimated Downtime: [...]

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Coming soon :: Therap 2016.2 :: Downloads and Case Notes

We will be bringing out our latest update to Therap in a couple of weeks.  When we do these releases, it is often hard to predict when there will be last minute changes that happen due to issues discovered in testing or changes in regulations. I have a couple of changes based on the list of functionality that I posted earlier: Firstly, the updates to the Case Note module are going to be included in a follow-up release, they are not quite ready and we don't want to take unnecessary risks. Secondly (and for now most importantly), many of you will have noticed that we are introducing new roles to control the downloading of Excel files and PDFs.  We had [...]

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NASDDDS Conference in Kansas City

Peter, Jeff, and I are at the NASDDDS Mid Year Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Apart from all the references to last year's World Series, I am always delighted to come to Kansas City, I don't remember ever having a bad meal here! The conference as usual is fascinating.  On top of that it is great to see so many Therap state users here. :: Justin ::  

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