We came up with this yesterday and thought it would make a really cool poster. I’d love to know what you think and if we made a poster (big and orange obviously!) would you put it up? What do you think visitors to your agency would think?

What would you change on the list? What would you add to it?

    1. Communication has never been a problem at your agency
    2. A board member has a friend who is a computer programmer
    3. You want to be able to backdate documentation
    4. You don’t really trust your staff
    5. You want to hide information from families
    6. Sure, you can afford a HIPAA violation
    7. You don’t need access from remote locations
    8. Your computers have never crashed
    9. You prefer making decisions with limited information
    10. You want to be able to deny you saw it so you don’t have to take action

        We use Therap for quality – Do you?

        :: Justin ::