Every city claims that it is the greatest the is, the ones I have heard do so most frequently are New York and London. I can’t think of anything that either one has that Edinburgh doesn’t, and Edinburgh has so much more. Significantly it is much smaller, and much more beautiful.

Every August Edinburgh plays host to the largest international arts festival in the world. There are two main sections with many others tagging along (book festival, jazz festival, film festival, etc.). The official festival features great works of drama and music in majestic settings. The Fringe features everyone and their sister in any available space in the city. The fringe is what art is all about.

Last night we took in a couple of previews. The first was called “ThaTha” and was a bit like STOMP gone African. About 10 dancers/singers/drummers performing a series of songs and dances in a theatre built into the arch under an old stone bridge – excellent!

After that we went to the more traditional setting of the Assembly Rooms to watch a Scottish stand up comedian called Fred MacCaulay. Good stuff, the best joke was not repeatable in this G rated blog, but save to say it involved Partick Thistle and St. Johnstone! I now have something new to shout next time a Mets outfielder loses the ball in the sun.

Time to throw my kilt on and head off to Scott’s wedding.