After getting in @ 2a this morning, it was a bit difficult for me to get moving this morning, for the first day of the INARF conference in Indianapolis, IN. Not to mention, that the beds at this Sheraton are way too comfy. The event began in a large ballroom, where I had to fight off a few butterflies before getting up on the stage in front of a couple hundred people, to give a quick intro. for Therap.

Today was kind of like the pre-conference for us, as we couldn’t set up our booth until this evening. Already, several people have introduced themselves to us, and it was great when someone came over to talk to us, who had just been at the Arizona conference with us in Tucson–small world. In between events, Asif and I got some time to hit a shopping plaza across the street, where unfortunately, for my wallet, they had a lot of stores that we don’t have in CT. I also, finally got a chance to exercise more than my typing fingers, by visiting the pool twice today. I was very surprised by the weather here, as I thought it would be cold and in the 30’s, but it’s almost as warm as Arizona, just more breezy.

I am definitely looking forward to exhibit day tomorrow as everyone here has been very welcoming and friendly—and as always, if you’re in the area, come on down and say hi.

Signing off–Kara