This weekend we deposited Calum at college in Boston.  Home is going to be an awful lot quieter now!

I couldn’t have been a much more different process from taking Iona to rural upstate New York.

Calum is going to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Masschusetts and it is about as downtown as you can get (right around ther corner from Fenway Park (where I believe they used to play baseball!)).

Dropping him off involved double parking while you dumped everything on the sidewalk and then carrying it all upstairs (he is of course on the tope floor).

calum moves into Berkleecalum moves into Berkleecalum moves into Berklee

He’s rooming with a chap from Indiana and one from Poland who both seem really nice.

Just being around the place and attending the opening ceremonies show that this place is as much Calum as Cornell is completely Iona.  It’s great to see your kids in their natural habitat (it’s just a shame they had to give him a Mac!)

Now we just have to work out where Siraya will go, but she’s got a few years to work that one out!

:: Justin ::