ISP Program Options

With Therap 2013.0, ISP Programs will become even more flexible and even more incredibly useful.

The new options are:

  1. Enable Time Duration instead of  Begin and End Time: This will allow users to just enter the length of time they spent providing a particular service.  Especially useful when services such as Targeted Case Management are provided in multiple small time periods.
  2. Allow Data Collection with Time Overlap: This will let you allow (or prevent) multiple entries for the same ISP Program be entered for the same or overlapping time period.
  3.  Allow collection fo multiple task scores for a single days:  Particularly when using Hab Check Lists in New York, you may only want users to select one task per day.  This option now gives you that control.

Look for these and many more exciting features coming in Therap 2013.0 in December.

:: Justin ::