Draft release notes are now ready for Therap 2012.3:

  • Multi-Individual Event New!
  • Personal Focus Worksheet New!
  • Overall Service Plan (OSP) New!
  • Mobile Applications New!
  • Change Password
  • CCHIT Specific Modules New! (Available with the purchase of Therap’s CCHIT Bundle)
    • Document Storage
    • Consent and Authorization
    • Order
    • C32 Document
    • Individual History – CCHIT Specific Updates 
  • ISP Program
  • Individual Support Plan (Oregon ISP)
  • Individual Budgeting (IB)
  • Medication History
  • Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Allergy Profile
  • General Updates
  • General Event Reports (GER) – For Users in FloridaFlorida APD Medication Error Report
  • Updates in Notification Section
  • Form IRMA – For Users in New York
  • IDF Extension – For Users in New York
  • Referral – For Users in North Dakota and Nebraska
  • FirstPage will be Discontinued Soon!
Emoticon of Check More Features in 2012.3!
You will find the Billing module specific new features by clicking on this link Release Notes for Billing Module Updates in Therap 2012.3 and the State of North Dakota specific updates by clicking here Release Notes for Therap for States 2012.3.