A few more updates have now been posted to the system.

This is a combination of small fixes and the activation for a few providers of an internal sharing capability.

This is a real cool tool known as Internal COIS (COIS stands for Cross Organizational Information Sharing, so Internal COIS really is an oxymoron!).

What it does is allow a provider to define how much information users in one program can see about the people they support who are also supported by another program.

For example: If you support someone in both a group home and a day program, should the group home staff be able to see the day program incident reports? Should they see them before they are approved?

With Internal COIS, it’s up to you what the answers are.

I am also coming up with some other exciting ways to use this tool which I will expound on when I have them properly ironed out in my head – COIS is notorious for give people here at Therap headaches as we try and figure out all it’s implications.

If you’re interested in how this might work for you, let me know.

– Justin