The next significant upgrade of the Therap system should be with us within the next few weeks. It contains many enhancements to 5.0, most of them as a direct response to requests from our users.

The highlights include:

  • Full support for time zones.
  • New Intake and Elimination Module
  • Comprehensive Reports for Health Tracking
  • Notification levels added to Health Tracking
  • Redesigned FirstPage for Data Administrators
  • EEO report based on User Profiles
  • More types of custom fields for the IDF (yes/no and long text)
  • Individual program admission dates
  • IDF display printable
  • Enhanced & simplified Incident Report reviewing
  • Attach images to T-Logs
  • Enhanced searching for T-Logs
  • Event Summaries extended to include many additional fields

And those are just the highlights!

Look for more info and screenshots when I start testing.

– Justin