Coming Soon :: No more Internet Explorer 10

Along with all exciting new features and updates we will be bringing this summer, we continue to work on Therap under the hood both in terms of hardware and software.

In order to meet the latest standards for functionality and security, we need to make sure that you are not using software that is out of date and possibly unsecure or not able to take advantage of the latest tools.

As part of this, over the summer, we will no longer access from Internet Explorer 10.  This is a browser that is no longer supported by Microsoft.  We will continue to support IE 11 and above along with Firefox and Chrome.

You can see our latest requirements here.

If you need to make the […]

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Coming Soon :: Changes to Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation roles

Along with the changes we will be making to the GER User Interface this summer, we are also changing the way that we handle the role which controls access to GERs with an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

A N E Profile

This role is currently an agency wide one.  This means that it is assigned on the User Profile and once given it, the user can access such GERs for anyone they have access to.

A N E Super Role

We are changing it to being a Caseload based role so that it is assigned as part of a super role.  This will give you finer […]

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Day 2 in Columbia, South Carolina

Today we have the next section of our South Carolina Conference.  Yesterday was all the Case Managers, today and tomorrow we have Day and Residential Providers.  Between the two groups we have getting on for 700 people!

The providers in South Carolina have done a great job of implementing Therap.  Such a good job in fact, there was a group singing about it in a session this morning!

Tonight we have a reception which is being hosted by a couple of very generous sponsors.  As such we would really like to thank:



If you are in the area, be sure to stop by!

:: Justin ::

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South Carolina Annual Case Management and Early Intervention Conference

Today in Columbia, South Carolina we have 400 or so Case Managers from all over the state coming together to learn more about Therap, most specifically a whole bunch of Case Management modules that are in the process of being rolled out.

We are running five concurrent sessions co-teaching with our colleagues from DDSN.

This is a great hotel to run a conference in, incredibly helpful staff and a nicely laid out facility.  We have a full team of support staff here so it’s looking like a great day!

Not only that, then we have two days for Day and Residential Providers to come.

Before that though, a wee bit of Fireflies Baseball!

:: Justin ::


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Changes for Independent Providers in Nebraska

Independent providers in Nebraska (all 1000+ of them) who log into Therap will discover that there is a whole lot more functionality available to them within Therap.

Up to now, Independent Providers have just been doing Attendance and Billing in Therap.  With upcoming waiver changes, providers who are offering habilitative services will have to complete additional documentation.

To help with mastering these new skills, we have made some new classes in The Therap Training Academy specifically for Nebraska.

:: Justin ::


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Already Here :: GER Event Category Rule


This is actually a feature that we released a few months ago (part of getting ready for the new GER) but I have spoken to a number of people that weren’t aware of it, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity for us to review.

If you have used GERs for any length of time you will have received a message letting you know that a given event type needs to have a certain notification level.  You may well have wondered “What are the rules for which event types?” or “Can I configure those rules to match my agency policies and state regulations?”.

[author’s note:  I really […]

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Coming soon :: GER Update this Summer

New Ger start

The first of our exciting new features that I’d like to talk about is the new and approved GER which we plan to roll out this summer. Those of you who were lucky enough to be at our national conference had a quick peek at this. We’ve made several improvements since then.
The two most obvious changes are the move to our new User Interface (UI) and the change from a long scrolling form to a paged workflow.

Mobile GER  Mobile GER List
Not only is the new UI cleaner and easier to use, it is also what […]

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It’s been a while… exciting things are coming

I have always found that blogging is a habit.  As such, it is easy to do while you are doing it and easy not to do at all!

Recently I have been much more in the latter camp!

However, we have a whole bunch of exciting things happening over the coming months so I think it is about time to get back in the blogging habit.

Watch this space…

:: Justin ::

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Therap National Conference 2018 :: Omaha, Nebraska

As another successful Therap National Conference draws to a close here in Fairfield, New Jersey we are very excited to announce that next year’s conference will be at the La Vista Conference Center in Omaha, Nebraska.  The conference will run from January 30th to February 2nd 2018.

It’s a great conference facility which actually has two attached hotels.  It’s also a great location as I think hat more customers that ever will be able to drive there from all over the mid-west.  So get the dates in your calendar, before you know it, it will be time to sign up and get back in your Whova app!

:: Justin ::

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Therap’s National Conference 2017 – Fairfield, New Jersey

We are now a day and a half into this year’s National Conference and things are their usual crazy, wonderful, selves.

We have more than 400 folks here from all over the country nerding out about all things Therap.

This morning kicked of with a great presentation by Jason on the exciting prospects that Business Intelligence is bringing us.  Jeff and I have had a few great sessions talking about interoperability and Health Information Exchanges and thanks to some brainstorming sessions I think I finally have a sense of that I want Dashboard to look like in the new user interface.

And there’s still another day and a half to go!

:: Justin ::

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