After being rained out in Pittsburgh and instead seeing Blades of Glory at a local theater. The next day we drove to the American Football Hall of Fame and spent an hour and a half looking through what they had there. The actual Hall of Fame was filled with heads made of brass and its dim lighting gave it an eerie but interesting feeling.

After we went to Dayton we drove an hour north to Cleveland to see the Indians and the White Sox. Like in Philadelphia the stadium was freezing and very windy. The stadium was almost empty but very lively. They had concession stand and gift shops all over the stadium and lines were very short.

The White Sox threw a one hitter and lost. They committed three errors one of which drew the left fielder, third basemen, shortstop, and second basemen to a missed ball and allowed the runners on first and second to advance to empty bases. C.C. Sabathia threw eight innings and gave up only one earned run. After the seventh inning, I went looking for ice cream in the souvenir helmet. There were three younger people working the stand and half laughing packed at least five or six scoops into the small plastic helmet. After the gave the Indians gave everyone a voucher for a free ticket in return for staying out in the freezing cold to watch the tribe. Thy won 2-1.