We will be releasing Therap 9.0 this weekend.  It is a major release and such will require some downtime in order for us to deploy it.  Therap will be unavailable from 12:30am until 6:30am Eastern on Monday May 30th.

There are a few late editions to the release:

In New York, we have updated the 147 Incident Report to meet the latest OPWDD changes. For details click here.

In Med History and the MAR, we have gone from 2 to 4 types:

We are also adding a new time zone option which will initially be implemented in just the MAR.  This is for agencies who provide supports over multiple time zone.  In program related data, this is not a problem as the time zone is talken from the site.  However, with individual based data like the MAR it is more tricky (we currently use the Provider Time Zone, but this doesn’t work in all cases).  There will now be a new Individual Time Zone field on the IDF to allow you to choose the time zone for that individual’s data.  Please not that once an MAR is created, its time zone cannot be changed.  Changes in time zone will take effect when the next month’s MAR is created.

Don’t forget to read the full release notes, or watch the webinar.

:: Justin ::