This weekend we released Therap 9.1.13 with a whole bunch of updates.  It’s another great reminder to be sure that you are looking at our Release Notes

Individual Data Updates

Marking Individuals as ‘Deceased’

Individuals can now be marked as deceased. A ‘Mark As Deceased’ button has been introduced which is available at the bottom of the Individual Data page. To mark an Individual as deceased, users will need to click on the ‘Mark As Deceased’ button. On clicking the button, users will be directed to the Mark Individual as Deceased page where users need to enter the Date of Death of Individuals. 


Once an Individual is marked as deceased, the Individual’s status will be updated to Deceased.

Removing Individuals from enrolled Programs

While discharging an Individual or marking an Individual as deceased, users can now remove the Individual from the enrolled Program(s) by checking the Remove Individual From Enrolled Program(s)? check-box. If it is left unchecked, then the Individual’s status will beDischarged or Deceased but s/he will still remain enrolled in the Program(s). 

Individual and Shared Contacts List

Users will now be able to view two new columns – Fax and Agency under the Individual Contacts area under the Contacts section on the Individual Data page. 


The Title column has been added to the Shared Contacts area of the Contacts section on the Individual Data page. The Organization column has been renamed to Organization Name which is now the first column on the Shared Contacts list.

Sample Excel Help file to import Individuals from Excel

The Help spreadsheet available on the sample Excel file for importing Individuals from Excel has been updated with detailed information regarding the valid values of the required fields as well as the optional fields of the Individual Data page. For Multi Provider Users, the valid values for the Oversight Agency has been added to the Help spreadsheet. A new spreadsheet – ID Type has been added to the sample Excel file where users will find the ID Types and Additional ID Types that must match while importing Individuals into the system. 

SComm Updates

Individual Care SComm Role

A new Role – Individual Care SComm has been introduced. This Role will enable users to send only Individual Care type SComm messages to the users who have particular Individuals in their Caseload. 


Users with the Individual Care SComm Role will also be a
ble to send feedback messages to Therap Customer Support via SComm module.

SComm Messages in Trash Folder

Users will now be able to select the duration for which SComm messages should be shown in the Trash folder from the Settings section of the Secure Communications (SComm) module. The maximum limit to keep the SComm messages in the Trash folder is 2 months. 

Multi Provider User Specific Updates

T-Log and GER Review Counts

Multi Provider users will now be able to view T-Log counts as well as GER Review counts on their Oversight Agency account FirstPage. 

Filter Multi-Provider Event Summaries by Providers

Multi Provider users will now be able to filter Multi-Provider Event Summaries by Providers from the Management Summaries section on the Oversight Agency account FirstPage. 

Link Individuals with Oversight ID

The feature to link Multi Provider Individuals by assigning Oversight ID is now available under the Multi-Provider Individual section on the Oversight Agency account FirstPage. 

Training Management System Update

Users’ Employee ID have been added to the Training Profile page of the Training Profile & Requirements report. 

Billing Reconciliation Report

Two new fields named Claim ID and Transaction ID have been added to the Reconciliation Report Search page.