I have a number of blogs thatr I follow (I use Bloglines as my reader), but I thought that you might enjoy the following:

The Traveling Wheelchair

My family, staff and I decided to set up this web page, in hope that
we will help all other people in wheelchairs realize which places are
fully accessible and which are not. We don’t want others in wheelchairs
to go to the public places which are not fully accessible, only to find
themselves very disappointed.

We will write short reviews of the wheelchair accessibility of the places that we visit. We will also rate the wheelchair accessibility by using a Star rating. Five Stars ***** means that the place is fully handicap accessible. If the place does not receive five stars, then we will write some suggestions of how those places can improve on accessibility in order to earn five stars.

We hope that this web site will help all of the other citizens in
wheelchairs. We also hope it will help the public realize how very
important it is for all citizens to have full access to all public

The 19th Floor

I call this blog The 19th Floor because when I first started writing it, I had just moved into my condo, which is on the 19th floor. Seemed like an apt title.

A few other things. I’m an attorney and I work in the area of
disability policy (big surprise). I’m unapologetically liberal. I’m big
into computers, books (all kinds, but a penchant for SF), and other
things geek.

If you want more background on me, you can read this article about me from the February/March 2004 issue of Minnesota Law & Politics.


Let me know what you read.

:: Justin ::