Sazzad and I have been here in Lincoln, Nebraska working with the state folks on the new system that we are developing for them (and in particular a very exciting Indivudal Budgeting application).

We have had a series of very productive meetings including one with our existing customers out here who are now submitting their Critical Incident Reports though Therap to the state (just two weeks after we signed our contract, how’s that for efficiency!)

We did so well that after finishing today we had time to take a look around the state capitol.  It’s a gorgeous building, but probably the coolest thing we saw was when we stopped into to watch their government in session.  Nebraska is the only unicameral system in the country.  While we were watching debate, the speaker stopped to give the senators opportunity to recognise 40 5th graders and their teachers who were also in the gallery.  The senators duly stood and applauded.  

Very cool

Good to see kids seeing democracy in action.  Good to see representatives acknowledge who they are accountable to.

The building itself is full of stone and marble lined halways which reminded me of wandering arounf Hogwarts in video games!

Now it’s off to North Dakota


:: Justin::