Not only did I go and see Fame twice this weekend (it was even better the second time around) but I discovered something truly amazing: the Mets are actually fun to support again!

It's not just they are winning, but they are actually entertaining.  In Sunday's game against the Giants, Olli P did his usual and blew up within three innings, but there was always the thought that the Mets would fins a way back (particularly within a windy Citi Field).  The fact that they blew it after coming back is not even that big a deal, it was fun to watch!

I am even enjoying it enough that I actually went out and paid for an app for my phone! (this does not happen very often).  In this case it is the MLB 2010 app which is absolutely tremendous. Not only do you get all the usual stuff, you also get full streaming radio coverage and in game video highlights.

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