There are a few issues out there that we are aware of and are fixing.  Some of you might call them bugs, but issues sounds so much nicer!

These have been identified and fixed on our internal system, now we are testing and should be having an update release in the near future.

These issues are:

  1. Overdue count in ‘My Training Class’ area is not showing the correct number sometimes: One case is when the hire date is entered for the user in which case the list shows all the classes that need to be completed within the grace period, but the count remains the same. 
  2. The behavior and intervention links (the ones that we click on to view the details) are not working for users with only the BP View role. The pop-up screen flashes briefly and disappears.
  3. Inactive users appearing in different GER lists (e.g. restraint, notification dropdown).

If you have any questions or concerns about these, please let us know and of course if you come across anything else, please use the Feedback link.

:: Justin ::