Haven’t done this in a while, so I thought it was about time to update by Top n Lists, so here goes:

Justin’s Top 7 Firefox Plugins (the ones I am using just now)

very shiny one

1. ScribeFire
Using it to write this post, just the easiest, quickest and best way to blog.

2. Fireshot
Quickest and easiest way to take screenshots of webpages

3. Twitterfox
A newish one for me, makes my Twitter addiction bearable

4. Yammerfox
Does the same for my Yammering

5. IEtab
Still essential (though I use it less these days) for sites that will only work in Internet Explorer.  Uee IE inside a Firefox tab.

6. FireFTP
Quick and easy FTP (including secure) within Firefox

7. Foxmarks
Back up and sync your bookmarks across computers

Enjoy, let me know what you use.

Next will be my top list of web applications

:: Justin ::


Desktop view of Justin's favorite Firefox plugins

8. Foxtab

If you are like me and end up with lots of tabs open, this is useful, cool, and VERY pretty!