As it says on the tin…

Najmee, Sonia, and I went down to Manville, NJ this morning through Sonia and Najmee’s first snow storm. I wish it had been a bigger one, hopefully they’ll get to enjoy the delights of one of those nor’easters that drops a couple of feet of snow while they are here.

We met with Karen and a bunch of her staff at The Arc of Somerset County. They are a great crew and Karen has put in a power of work getting Therap up and running (they’ve been live in their pilot programs for a week and a day and are very happy with how things are going). They are also quite happy for me to talk about them :-)

One of the very cool things that Karen has done is put together a introductory guide for her staff that says what they should do in Therap and relates Therap to their policies and terminology.  She’s going to bring it to the DSP Conference and it would be great if anyone else who has materials like this could bring theirs for show and tell.

If you are on the list for our conference (awwwwwwwwww) but would like to share, let me know and I’ll facilitate.

:: Justin ::