What a sporting weekend it was!

In the biggest game of the weekend, Hearts beat Hibs 2-2 in the Edinburgh Derby (it might not be as big a victory as the famous 4-4 win where Hearts were 4-2 down in injury time, but playing the last hour of the game with only 10 players and coming back from being 2-1 down, it certainly felt like a win).

In baseball’s opening weekend, the much maligned Mets got off to a winning start by taking 2 of 3 away to the Florida Marlins.  It was all very nicely rounded off my current favourite Met, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey (doesn’t he just sound like a knuckleballer?).

On Saturday, the UConn men continued their amazing post season run by winning their national semi-final in college basketball (which was a good thing for my bracket too).

Unfortunately, the UConn women couldn’t quite hold up their end of the bargain (I guess we can let them off with losing two games in three years!)

:: Justin ::