This has been a great winter season for the Wolcott Warriors U-11 boys.  This is the third year we have played at Lesek Wrona’s Indoor Soccer Academy in Bristol, CT.

We play a seven game season and each of the last two years have won the grand total of one game!

So far this year we had won 3 and lost 2.  Today we were playing the other team tied for second place.  It was a really exciting game with the lead changing hands with regularity.

We have quite a big squad for this season (13 players and we play 6-a-side).  It can make substitutions very tricky, trying to maintain the team shape and effectivemess while still giving everyone enough playing time.

It’s particularly difficult in close games like this where you want to keep your best possible team on the field and yet still keep all the kids involved.  Hopefully I did ok, we won the game with some really great play to put us into second place by ourselves.

I certainly did a better than Graham Rix as Hearts lost 2-1 at home to Aberdeen.

:: Justin