A Warthog has the right idea at Kansas City Zoo

Between Iowa and Kansas, we’re spending a VERY hot weekend in Kansas City. It’s been over 100 degrees every day, but hasn’t enjoyed us enjoying ourselves (though I could have done with joining the Wart Hog in the mud, it looked deliciously cool!

The other nice thing they had at the zoo were a lot of misting stations (my name for them) where you could walk up an be cooled down in a very fine spray. Notable among the animals at the zoo (and I’m always slightly uncomfortable looking at caged animals) was a gorilla that was more active that most I have seen and definitely looked like he was working out how he could negotiate the wall and have a go at a few of us.

Church this morning was in the delightful Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kansas City. A fairly dark, old stone building made to feel warm and inviting with some nice lighting and very friendly people. I can confirm that they had half-and-half for their coffee, Iona will rate the cookies!

Best of all this weekend, Hearts beat Celtic 2-1 to get the domestic season off to a great start, let’s hope the winning ways can continue on Wednesday against AEK Athens.

:: Justin ::