Richard, Syeed, and I left yesterday afternoon and drove up to Maine to see the folks at John F Murphy Homes in Auburn, Maine.

It was a long drive (probably ended up being somewhere around five hours each way – with lucky old Richard having an extra two hours at either end) but both the drive and the destination were well worth it!

The folks at JFM Homes were great and had even taken a look or too at this fine publication. As well as going over how our system could help them we had some interesting discussions about the use of blogs, podcasts, and other web technologies on us (and our children!).

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone up there (though I have a feeling that they refer to themelves as being “down”) in Maine and hope to be back for a bit longer soon!

The drive itself proved to be very productive as we were able to brainstorm and plan for all sorts of ways to improve our Customer Support and Training.
:: Justin