For starters, Siraya has decided that it’s fun to come to work with me.  Especially when coming to work involves sitting on the couch with her and my computer!

Then I got to see Iona play her drum in nice weather (that’s her all the way to the right just in case you didn’t recognize her).  The Wolcott High School Marching Eagles (ever seen an Eagle march?) won the prize for the best marching band (please don’t ask how many bands were in the parade!).  The Memorial Day Parade in a smallish town like Wolcott is always a fun excuse to catch up with people you have seen since last year’s parade and almost as good as an airport for people watching.

Also significant today is that it is 19 years since Scott celebrated turning 20 at my wedding (that must mean that a) he’s getting on a bit and b) it must be time to say “Happy Anniversary Michele!”)

:: Justin ::